Why We Love Aegina?

Some reasons only!

Ηλιοβασίλεμα στην Αίγινα, Sunset in Aegina

The reasons are endless (they follow in random order)

1. It is close to Athens.
2. It can be a last-minute decision.
3. It has an unpretentious simplicity.
4. It is showered by a unique light thanks to its geographical position.
5. The island is inspiring! So many writers, poets and artists have worshiped it (Tsarouchis, Kapralos, Kazantzakis, Varnalis, Nicholaou, Elytis, Vourloumis, Batis, Kennedy).
6. Was chosen by Hermes for a fashion campaign (namely the area of ​​ancient Eleonas).
7. It has a long history (its ancient temples were a model for the construction of Parthenon later on).
8. You relax from the first moment.
9. You have a view of 365 degrees.
10. The weather is always better here!
11. The sunset here is almost legendary – it too, is associated with its position on the map.
12. The Architectural School of the Athens Polytechnic visits the island every year to study the countless expressions of its architectural beauty.
13. It has a Venetian elegance.
14. It has the “Aeginean Mystra“.
15. If bird-watching is your hobby, you will not be disappointed.
16. The local boys are handsome and girls are beautiful!
17. At night, you can keep bar-hopping and drinking till dawn.
18. As for romantic atmosphere? It rocks!
19. Sand, pebbles or dives from rocks, beach bars or isolation, here you can find beaches for every taste.
20. The harbor promenade is a must for all the hours and with all companies.
21. Here was struck the first European coin but also the first currency of the modern Greek state was issued.
22. It was the first capital of the modern Greek state.
23. You can buy fruit in floating grocery stores.
24. You can buy fish and have them baked at a nearby tavern.
25. In the villages you can walk all day barefoot.
26. The famous clay soil of Aegina is the super-tool for the care of your skin.
27. Greek films have been filmed here.
28. It is an inexpensive destination.
29. You can see remnants of the Temple of Ellanios Zeusthe oldest temple in Europe (three generations before the Trojan War).
30. Ideal for yacht owners
31. It has famous monasteries and countless chapels.
32. You can buy ceramics from the place that once flourished thanks to them.
33. If you are into sports, you can find yoga and horseback riding, water-skiing, wind surfing and sailing.
34. It has 3 open-air cinemas.
35. It is convenient for escapes to nearby destinations (Moni, Agistri, Methana, Poros etc).
36. You can taste the Aeginean pistachio (P.D.O.) in its homeland.
37. Meet Greek (mainly) celebrities! They have, also, bought houses here.
38. The Pistachio Festival, as well as the Classical Music Festival, Capodistrian races, classic car races, and the Whitebait Festival!
39. Its hiking trails have been integrated into the “Cultural Paths” network.
40. It’s only here that you get to eat the delicious little “katsoules” fish.
41. You can experience from up-close the revival of customs such as Leidinos, Klidonas, Threshing, Burning Judas, Easter Day Dance.
42. On the island there is life all year round.
43. Here you can drink a pistachio Mojito!
44. It is a trip you can realize even when you are in your 9th month of pregnancy!
45. ​​…………………………………………………. (Please fill here your reason why!)

Aegina cannot be fully enjoyed on a one-day excursion. It takes time and willingness to explore. Go to weloveaegina.com and get ideas about all these and so much more.

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