The architecture of Aegina

Pole of attraction for architects worldwide

The architecture of Aegina


From the characteristic neoclassical buildings (34 can be seen on the sea-front promenade alone), to the byzantine churches and the Doric order monuments, the eye can hardly keep up with the alternating building styles and their beauty. Some of the most prominent ancient monuments are the temple of Aphaia, the lone-standing Kolona and the temple of Ellanios Zeus. Samples of byzantine architecture can be found in Paleochora, a medieval village of such rare beauty that it has been dubbed the “Mystras” of Aegina, the settlement of Pachiorachi, the Omorfi Ekklisia (the most well-preserved byzantine monument on the island, literally meaning “beautiful church”) and many more.

Also notable are the residences of prominent personalities from the domains of politics and arts, such as the Voulgaris, Kanaris, Kazantzakis, Trikoupis and Koundouriotis families’ residences or the Zaimis Tower. During your strolls do not pass up the opportunity to visit the Markellos Tower with its distinctive color and the internationaly renowned Rodakis residence, a rare sample of folk architecture. It is easily accessible while there is a guided tour option available.

The contemporary, modern image of Aegina is characterized by its colourful and neoclassical buildings. Architecture that hails from the times of Kapodistrias, when the so-called national buildings were built and soon after, the period during which Aegina’s trade flourished thanks to the sponges, the limestone, wine and pottery. This wonderful architectural collection is complement by other examples of modern architecture from distinguished masters such as Pikionis, Konstantinidis and Krokos.

It is no coincidence that the National Technical University carries out an annual field trip to Aegina for its students so they can visit the monuments of striking architectural interest of the island.

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