If you are one of those who cannot just stay in one place, Aegina is an island ideal for exploration from side to side… Pachia Rachi, Anitsaio, Agia Marina, Perdika, Vagia, Souvala, Walking Paths of Culture, Greek Wildlife Hospital (EKPAZ), Aeginitissa, Agios Nektarios Monastery, Paleochora, Portes and many more places are here for you to discover.

Aegina is also the ideal base for organising your excursions thanks to its proximity to many interesting destinations. By ferryboat, flying dolphin, small boats, sea-taxi, speedboat or sailboat, the sea is yours and your Ithaca is a few minutes to a few hours away.

So…let’s go for a trip!

Destinations – Where can I go from Aegina and how? 

Moni island

You can start from the heavenly and uninhabited island of Moni, taking a small boat from Perdika. Boats depart continuously during the summer months, travel cost is 5 euros per person (2-way ticket) and the trip’s duration is 10′. For the rest of the year, you can arrange the drop-off and pick-up time with the captain.

Agistri Island

You can easily reach Agistri island from Aegina in only 10’ with a flying dolphin and 5-6 euros cost for one way (depending on the itinerary operator). Alternatively, with a ferry boat you will get to Agistri in 20′ at a cost of 3 and 8 euros for the passenger and the car respectively.


There are ferry boats coming from Piraeus that first disembark in Aegina and then continue to Methana (a beautiful peninsula of the Peloponnese) and Poros island. From Aegina to Methana the duration of your journey is 50′.


Some of the ferries reaching Aegina island from Piraeus continue to Methana (a beautiful peninsula of the Peloponnese) and Poros island. From Aegina to Poros the journey takes about 2 hours.

Epidaurus (Epidavros)

A very good idea for an excursion from Aegina is the nearby Epidaurus since, if planned correctly, it combines great theatrical plays and concerts at its world famous ancient theater! On an event day, boats depart at 18.00 from the port of Aegina arriving at New Epidaurus one hour later where a bus takes you to the ancient theater (20’ duration). After the play/ concert, the bus departs at 01.00 am to drive you back to the boat that will take you to Aegina. It really is a lifetime experience… And of course, your trip can be extended from a one-day tour to a multi-day vacation!

For information on the performances of the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, please consult the official page here.

Cruising the island

Do you have only one day and you want to visit more than one new places in only one tour? You can either do that with a 1-day-cruise from Piraeus or with Aegina’s one-day cruising around the island. Aegina’s round cruise starts from Aegina’s port and after passing by Perdika village, it makes a first stop at Moni island and then visits nearby Agistri island and the islets of Aponissos and Dorousa. There you can swim and snorkel in the area’s most crystal clear waters. And if you manage to catch any sea urchins, then you will also have the beautiful experience of tasting them while onboard. The excursion includes food at a local tavern or barbeque.

Alternatively, you can rent a speedboat or a sailing boat (with or without a captain) for a 100% private excursion around Aegina and the surrounding islands exclusively for you and your fellow travelers.