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Information on the weather of Aegina island
Plan your visit accordingly!


The weather in Aegina is notably… mild. The climate is Mediterranean, with a good amount of sunshine, mild temperatures and limited rainfall. The winters are mild and the summers are warm and dry (with some vital cool breezes!). Snowfalls in Aegina island are a rare phenomenon, yet it happens. Some years the island gets dressed in white – although it does not last longer than 3 days so you will be lucky if you witness it!

As for the temperature, it is very pleasant during the months May – June and September – October so then you can really explore the island and taste the experiences it offers you without feeling too much hot or cold. The warmest period is usually from mid-June to early September, while rainfalls are less from April to September.

The hottest month is July, the coolest is January, December is the wettest and July the driest.

Check our detailed charts with information on temperatures and sunshine in Aegina island all year round:

Aegina Island Weather 1 Aegina Island Weather 3

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