Aegina Transportation


For your transportation inside Aegina, be it by your own vehicle or by rent-a-car, by bus, by taxi, by bicycle or even on a horse carriage, at weloveaegina we have prepared this useful guide that will definitely help you out.

Aegina by car or motorcycle…

Did you bring your own car or motorcycle? If so, then just enter and its Google Maps function and you are ready to discover the island from side to side! Aegina is mapped almost to its last alley, which means that your navigation will be a piece of cake. To find your nearest refueling points, consult our page with Aegina gas stations.


  1. During the summer months the coastal road in Aegina’s city center closes after the sun sets. This makes your walk on the promenade ideal, but just keep it in mind when it comes to driving in the city center or parking your car.
  2. Regarding parking, there is a parking area (with payment) in the port – you can buy your ticket at one of the kiosks nearby. Alternatively, you can park your car for free after you exit the city center with direction either to Souvala or Marathon. In any case, outside the town’s center it will be easy to find an area to park your car.
  3. Driving in the city center should be avoided as the roads are very narrow and the sidewalks are small, which makes it difficult for the pedestrians to move. Also avoid driving near the residences if you have a car or a motorcycle that makes this characteristic ear-piercing noise!
  4. It would be a good idea to buy your return ferry tickets right after you step on the island, especially if you are planning to return on a Sunday when most people do. If you leave it for the last minute be prepared that you might have to return with the first boat leaving on Monday morning!
  5. For those of you who choose to travel to Aegina by motorcycle, our advice is, as in any case, i) always wear your helmet on and ii) watch the steep turns on the coastal road and the dirt roads…


I didn’t bring my car / motorcycle with me in Aegina

This is not a problem at all! Choosing to reach the island without a car or motorcycle, automatically means that you can choose any of the numerous itineraries of ferries or flying dolphins (departure time – wise) to leave the port of Piraeus and Aegina respectively. No commitment, you are free as a bird. When you arrive at the island, you can decide whether you want to move around by car, bus or taxi, unless you don’t want to pass the outskirts of the city center – marathon runners excluded! Below are the choices you have along with tips from weloveaegina team.

Rent α car / motorcycle in Aegina:

Depending on the number of days you want to stay on the island, this scenario might cost you less than bringing your own vehicle by boat. It would be best to arrange for a reservation before you arrive at Aegina, but in 90% of cases you will not face any problems renting a car on the spot even during the most crowded summer months. Car rental agencies are located outside the port of Aegina while prices range from 30 to 40 euros per day depending on the season and on the car that you will choose.

KTEL Aegina (Interurban Buses of Aegina)

Aegina has an organized bus network (KTEL) and if you choose this option you may feel like you are starring in an 80s movie! The good thing is that this type of transportation is quite cheap plus you can visit the most important sights of the island. However, you must be careful as the bus itineraries are not frequent – even in the summer months there are no more than 5-6 a day per route. The ticket costs between 1.8 and 2 euros one way, and you can get it from the central bus stop at Ethnegersia (National Revolution) Square, opposite the harbor, or alternatively from the bus driver. You can get informed about the buses timetable at the bus station.

The Aegina Buses (KTEL) Itineraries (routes) follow:

  1. Aegina – Faros – Vrocheia – Marathon – Perdika (9.5 km – 20 minutes)
  2. Aegina – Kypseli – Leonti – Vathi – Souvala – Agioi – Vagia (13 km – 30 minutes)
  3. * Aegina – Agioi Asomatoi – Kontos – Agios Nektarios – Mesagros – Agia Marina (14 km – 35 minutes)

* Bus #3 passes also through Alones following another route that does not pass through Mesagros and Aphaia Temple.

You may find the updated bus routes here. As the buses’ itineraries are subject to change, if you want to be 100% sure just call the central bus station number at 22970 – 22787.


Aegina Taxis/ Cabs

Aegina has a good number of taxis to serve the increased traffic of travelers even during summertime. The taxi station is located right at the exit of the harbor, next to the horse carriages. There you can find a notice board with the detailed taxi charges by destination. Charges range approximately from 7 to 17 euros per route and vary depending mainly on the distance.

You can also book a taxi at the following telephone numbers:

Aegina Taxis 22970-22635

Mesagros Taxis 22970-71313

Souvala Taxis 6944343606

Kypseli Taxis 6932328873

Agia Marina Taxis 22970-32107


Aegina by bicycle

If you are a lover of exercise, independence and nature, then the bicycle is the ideal means of transportation in Aegina. You can bring your own bicycle or rent one on the island. Weloveaegina’s suggested points of interest and Google Maps is all you need for a pleasant trip full of fascinating experiences. Don’t forget to put your helmet on and drive carefully as the roads around Aegina are the typical of a Greek island (winding roads and no bicycle lanes).

If your bicycle is up for the challenge, we suggest that you also try off-road trips! Discover more here!

Aegina Horse Carriages

For retro addicts or tradition lovers, the Aegina horse carriage is something not to be missed. You can use it as a means of transportation but only for a very specific route from Aegina’s port to a bit outside of Aegina’s town and back. The ride (up to 4 people) lasts about 20’ (in total) and costs 15 euros. It is also a fantastic experience for children – don’t forget your camera!