Aegina’s Hospital


Searching for a hospital in Aegina or anywhere else is something we do not wish to happen to anyone. But because life could be unpredictable, Aegina, as a genuine metropolitan island next to Athens, has its own hospital outfitted with all necessary equipment and manned with experienced medical staff ready to handle any health emergencies (or other medical requests). Hence, it is clear why Aegina is one of the most recommended Greek islands to visit even during a pandemic, grace both to its medical structures and to its proximity to Athens.

Aegina Hospital Structure

The hospital of Aegina “Agios Dionysios” is equipped with:

  • a pathology clinic with 25 beds
  • a radiodiagnostic department
  • a microbiological section and

And specialized clinics manned with:

  • physicians,
  • orthopedists,
  • surgeons,
  • endocrinologists,
  • diabetologists,
  • urologists,
  • gastroenterologists,
  • hepatologists,
  • ENT

A few words about the history of the hospital of Aegina

The “Agios Dionysios” Hospital of Aegina was created in 1921 by the local church and local philanthropists and has since then been active for the last 100 years. The Hospital keeps giving priority to the financially weakest groups of people but also to anyone else who needs medical care.

Throughout history, the hospital of Aegina has faced epidemics, wars and national disasters treating uprooted refugees from Asia Minor, wounded soldiers during WWII, receiving the “Gold Medal” of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1939. During World War II, the hospital of Aegina served as a Military Hospital and was later used by the German occupiers, who turned it into a military camp until the end of 1941, when it was destroyed by the occupiers leaving it in ruins.


Contact the Hospital of Aegina:

Address: 10 Nosokomiou Str, Aegina (very close to the port)
Phone for information and appointment scheduling: +30 22970 24489
Hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 am – 13:30 pm.