Hermès and the (Ancient) Olives of Aegina

A hidden secret to discover!

How can Hermès fashion house be linked to one of the most important – yet unknown for many – Aegina’s sites?

On one hand, the Parisian fashion house Hermès was founded in 1836 by French Thierry Hermes. Nowadays, 250 stores operate globally, while its clientele includes world-famous personalities.

On the other hand, the Ancient Olive Grove (Eleonas) of Aegina consists of centuries-old olive trees, some of which are estimated to be more than 1500 years old with a 30 sq.m. trunk base!

Aegina’s Ancient Olive Grove (Eleonas) was the area chosen by the French fashion house Hermès to photoshoot its collection in 2005 thanks to the beautiful dominant olive trees lying there as natural monuments and also to the unique light that immerses you in this very location.

The Dumas family, which owns the largest share of the fashion house, loves Aegina and has a privately-owned luxury residence in Pachia Rachi of Aegina.

Although this sight was presented to the world’s largest magazines through Hermès’s photo shooting, it remains a virgin destination, a hidden secret to discover!

*Take a peek at the photo shooting here.

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