Excursion to Moni islet

Swim surrounded by peacocks, deer and wild goats

Excursion to Moni islet


Aegina is ideal for excursions. One we totally recommend is the one which leads to Moni, the small islet with the characteristic shape visible from the west side of the island.

Moni is about 10 minutes by boat from Perdika and it features peacocks, deer and wild goats as its permanent residents. What else will you find at Moni? Turquoise waters, an organized sandy beach with a bar and many more “secret” places for exploration and privacy!

How to reach Moni from Perdika

Get on a traditional boat from Perdika beach and discover the island of Moni within 10 minutes! The boats leave every hour and return respectively. During the summer months, the itineraries are even more often! Choose the time that serves you, wait for your boarding under the shade and set sail with Ag. Nikolaos, Giannis, Eleni or Ouranos boats. With their experienced captains, sailing in the Saronic Gulf is a real experience! Enjoy the route, take photos and videos! Bonus tip: If you’re afraid to embark or disembark, the captain will give you a hand and help you out!

καραβάκια Πέρδικα Μονή, Perdika Moni boats

Bonus info

During the summer months, the boats depart one after the other, as soon as full capacity is reached, the cost is 5 euro per person and the experience unforgettable!

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Moni islet, opposite Perdika
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