Pistachios Aegina & Fistiki Festival

The famous Aeginian product has its own festival

Pistachios Aegina & Fistiki Festival


Pistachios Aegina… The sacred nut of the island! You probably know that this Aeginian indigenous crops has been included in the protected designation of origin (PDO) list of the European Union. And if you don’t, the taste will convince you of the superiority over any other pistachio variety.

The pistachio tree is one of the most demanding crops and Aegina has become an ideal place of cultivation thanks to a combination of factors (dry climate, soil quality). It is this combination that gives it its unique flavor making it so famous!

Where can you find it?

There are many places that provide pistachios in different form for you to choose from (fresh or dried, salted or unsalted, as a nougat, a sweet condiment, in cookies, as a pasty, ice cream and the list goes on).

Pistachio Festival – Aegina Fistiki Festival

After creating such a commotion around it, the Aeginian pistachio got its own festival in 2008!

The Pistachio Festival (Aegina Fistiki Festival) takes place every year in mid-September. In this celebration of the nut, through a 3-day event, you can learn a lot about it, try it in all its forms (even as a mojito), take part in the production workshops and also have the opportunity to learn more comprehensively what Aegina has to offer in terms of culture. The extensive festival program also offers numerous activities and events for kids. Discover our experience from Aegina Fistiki Fest 2019!

So if you are one of those people who do not want the summer holidays to end , then arrange a 3-day visit to Aegina shortly after the official end of summer and extend your leave in the most delicious way.

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  1. We Love Pistachios!

    Aegina Fistiki Festival…what an awesome experience! Totally recommended!

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