Evening stroll on the promenade

Enjoy the promenade with no cars

Evening stroll on the promenade


The town of Aegina is ideal for evening strolls. After 8 pm, car traffic is restricted and the promenade gets filled with people. Young, old, families, couples, friends, they all enjoy in their own way this beautiful stroll.

  • Grab an ice cream and walk beneath the starry Aeginian sky in the sweet night atmosphere.
  • Observe the fishing boats and yachts while leisurely walking or check out what is going on in the cafes and bars as the time passes (you have the choice of crowded or more quiet ones to sit at, depending on your taste!)
  • If you are with your children, this is the perfect time to enjoy a safe bicycle ride … in the middle of the street!
  • And if you are in the mood for a longer walk, then head towards the port and the characteristic chapel of St. Nicholas, up to the lighthouse, where everything is dark except for the romantic, old-fashioned light.

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