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In Perdika you arrive after 9 km of coastal drive from the harbor to the south. The road stops here and that is no coincidence…

Perdika is not just one of the many villages of Aegina, but the village that you should definitely visit since it combines simplicity and grandeur at the same time. It is located at a spot on the island with incredible views that inspire only positive emotions and grant inner peace. Its narrow, picturesque streets and whitewashed houses with their flower-filled courtyards are reminiscent of Cycladic architecture.

The visit to Perdika

Lay your towel on the rocks and take a delightful dip in its blue waters. You will feel like starring in a 60’s Greek film or as if you are on one of the coasts of southern Italy… If you prefer the sand to rocks, 2-3 km away are the “not-so-secret” beaches  Sarpa, Klima or Kleidi just beyond the mountain village of Sfentouri and also the cosmopolitan Aiginitissa beach a bit before, on the coastal road.

Food is one of the strongest points of Perdika. It is famous for its fish and this is why it is popular among yacht skippers. But also a coffee or a relaxed drink early in the evening, is equally well-suited, in the company of authentic people and a wonderful view from the characteristic balcony of its promenade.

As soon as you finish your meal or coffee, take a stroll up to the edge of the Perdika peninsula to the church of Agios Sostis. The road is beautifully landscaped for walking or cycling as it skirts the peninsula and all you can see is the endless blue, a little bit of wild vegetation, the well-known rocks of Perdika and the boats that go by, making the sea foamy in places. In spring, on the same walk you will have the chance to gather many wildflowers!

Bonus info

  • The characteristic church of Agios Sostis is the largest in the village. Equally great is the festival on the 7th of September with orchestras playing in all taverns! 
  • At sunset, Perdika dresses up like a queen and enchants even the most demanding suitor. This is, after all the reason for which it is preferred by couples.
  • Across the bay, 10’ by boat, is the beautiful and uninhabited island of Moni. On it peacocks, deer and wild goats roam freely, and if the weather permits, a dive in its blue-green waters is not just recommended but imperative.

If you have a boat, the marina of Perdika is very well organized and welcoming for you and your friends.
Perdika is a destination that is passionately adored and will prove it to you in many ways.

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