Proud Perdika

Balcony over the sea

Proud Perdika Aegina


Perdika is one of the must-visit villages of Aegina. It is no coincidence that the road ends here! Known to yacht and boat owners, it is famous for its fish and those characteristic houses in its narrow streets that resemble a Cycladic village… The view from the promenade’s balcony is unique and all the different beautiful spots confirm its proud name.

Swimming in Perdika Aegina

Swimming is best enjoyed at the rocks that give off an air of South Italy. If you prefer sand though, 2-3 km away are the ‘not-so-secret’ beaches Sarpa, Klima or Kleidi, just behind the mountain village of Sfentouri and the cosmopolitan Aiginitissa beach a little before, on the coastal road.

See the village upside down!

For something completely different, take a walk on the other side of the harbor and get in the Camera Obscura. It is the only one worldwide that offers a 360 degree panorama, through 12 distinctive images that are displayed upside down and inverted. This technique is even said to have been used by well-known artists such as Leonardo or Vermeer. There is no entrance fee. Enter and you will see the village upside down!

Excursion from Perdika

Off the shore, 10′ by boat, the beautiful and uninhabited island of Moni is ideal for an unforgettable daily excursion. Peacocks, deers and wild goats live freely on the islet. If the weather permits, a dip in the turquoise waters is not just recommended but necessary.

If you have a boat, the marina of Perdika is very well organized and friendly.
Perdika is a destination that is worshiped with passion and is ready to prove it to you in so many ways…

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