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Kypseli Pistachio Shop



Kypseli, the beautiful pistachio shop of Aegina, next to the historic “Vogiatzis” building just outside Aegina’s port, welcomes you daily offering you products of the highest quality.

Since 1991, Sakellion family is providing us with the authentic Aeginian pistachio that is roasted everyday so that we can always enjoy it fresh.

Do not miss to try their pistachio bars (made with whole pistachios) and spoon sweets (preserves), also ideal as a present for your beloved ones!

The extensive range of traditional products also includes butter made of different varieties of nuts – of course pistachio nut butter is a must, pistachio spread with white chocolate (oh, this will for sure fascinate you!), as well as handmade chocolates.

Bonus Tip 1: Try Mrs Stella’s homemade rusks with orange and Aeginian pistachios! And if you are chocolate lover, you have to try their stuffed puff pastries with pistachio spread!

Bonus Tip 2: Ask for some pistachios that have just come out of the oven for a rare (and warm) tasteful experience!

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