Klima or Kleidi Beach

One of the top 5 beaches of the island

Klima Beach Aegina or Kleidi Beach


Klima beach, also known as Kleidi beach is, at least up to now, one of the hidden secrets of Aegina. The locals of course are well aware that it is one of the Top 5 beaches on the island.

To get there, you take the road to Perdika and then left at the intersection before the village of Perdika towards Sfentouri. Then turn right and with a little patience, after a few kilometres – and a bit of dirt road- you will find yourself in front of a bay where yacht owners typically  choose to hang out and make their dives.

A beautiful beach with sand and pebbles, Klima Beach Aegina is the organized beach that is mostly preffered by the “insiders” of the island. Put your mask on and plunge into the (certified) clear turquoise waters.

Klima Beach Bar offers coffee, soft drinks, snacks, food and even drinks from the morning till night so you can enjoy a no-stress summer. And if you stay there until sunset time, you will experience the sea and sky being painted in the warmest colours’ palette – it is no coincidence that a large number of luxury houses are being built on this spot.


Bonus Tip 1: Klima Beach Aegina is never too windy, no waves etc, so a relaxed swim is guaranteed – kids and parents feel great about that too!

Bonus Tip 2: Unlimited area for parking available.

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Klima/ Kleidi Bay
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