“Fou Fou” Steakhouse


Fou Fou Aegina Steakhouse


Fou Fou Aegina Steakhouse restaurant opened its doors in February 2018 and within a few weeks it managed to become Aegina’s hot-spot.

Grilled meat with handmade sauces, Greek traditional dishes (they are very popular so try to order them early at noon), and home-made spaghetti (lasagna, macaroni, etc.) are not to miss.

When at Fou Fou Aegina, you should definitely accompany your meal with a selection of cheese, made by the Sorros family – they breed their own animals in Aegina’s mainland. Sarantis, the son of the family, who has studied cheesemaking, manufactures cheese from original local milk, following the local tradition. Ask to try their “geremezi”, feta cheese and gruyere.

But there is one thing that Fou Fou team boasts of the most: their spit-roasting meat. Order your kokoretsi serving before it finishes as Fou Fou also receives telephone reservations for this super tasty delicacy! Also, lamb and kid are available every single day in Fou Fou!

And if you’re wondering what their secret is, well this lies on the very meat they use that is produced by them. The family has been breeding animals since 1980, operating a butchery (and cheese factory) called “Epistimi” (“Epistimi” means Science in Greek) two streets lower, at Ioannou Ghika Str., next to Aegina’s fish market. This means that you can literally order whatever your appetite desires (from rabbit to chitterlings), as long as you ask them some hours ago – ideally the day before.

Fou Fou is your guarantee for the best materials cooked by the gorgeous Sorros family.

Bonus Tip: If you are a sports fan, you can watch all matches at their plasma TV.

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  1. Tasty souvlaki and barbecue!

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