Miralice Bar Restaurant

The new talk of the town in Aegina!

Miralice Bar Restaurant

The new bar-restaurant in Aegina premieres and becomes the talk of the town!


Next to the famous and beloved Oinoi Social Bar, Miralice Bar Restaurant opened its doors for the first time on the first Saturday of June 2020 in the town of Aegina and has come to stay!

A new proposal for your entertainment in Aegina but also a gastronomic trip with influences from Europe with a strong Greek element is born in the town of Aegina. Set in the well-known beach of Aegina, Miralice premieres for 2020, next to its sister bar Oinoi and is perhaps one of the reasons why the quarantine was worth waiting for.

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Miralice Bar Restaurant: So Bar So Food


With “So Bar So Food” as its philosophy, a motto that also stars in the neon lights of the impressive interior space, Miralice Aegina perfectly matches the gastronomic delights that one encounters in the most exquisite restaurants with creative cocktails by experienced mixologists, redefining the food & cocktail pairing in the most imaginative way. The decoration is undoubtedly reminiscent of the capital’s bars. But the atmosphere, combined with the familiar and favorite view of the port, feels like “Aegina”.

Miralice Aegina, Miralice Αίγινα, bar restaurant Αιγινα, bar restaurant Aegina

The excellent interior was designed and created with attention to every detail by Michalis Kraounakis and K-Division architecture firm office. And this is evident from the architectural point of view, reminiscent of art deco style, yet perfectly adapted to modern aesthetics. Beautiful chandeliers, hidden lighting, marble in turquoise shades, golden details, wonderful wallpapers, indoor plants, exotic details, and an impressive bar that steals the show, give lessons in elegance, character, and uniqueness to the new bar-restaurant in Aegina.

Miralice Bar Restaurant 5

Breakfast, brunch, and snacks at Miralice Bar Restaurant


A great day starts with breakfast at Miralice Bar Restaurant overlooking Aegina’s famous promenade. For the most delicious awakening, try the Greek breakfast, as well as the different cooked eggs, your favorite yogurt bowl, ideal if you have a hangover, the delicious pancakes, and of course the croissant sandwiches.

A journey full of gourmet getaways in the heart of Aegina


The creative menu of Miralice Bar Restaurant offers you delicious getaways every hour of the day, from the small dishes that take you to Europe and Greece, to the main dishes with a twist, for every taste and appetite. Seafood lovers will adore the squid pasta and the sea bass, those who prefer Burger will taste it with cod, meat-eaters will enjoy the exquisite beef tagliata and chicken legs with Aegina pistachio, while Italian food aficionados can order ravioli, gnocchi and risotto.

The exquisite drinks and wine labels could not miss from the new bar-restaurant of Aegina, Miralice. And if you are a fan of cocktails, you will definitely find your favorite one in the cocktail list of the bar-restaurant. The lovers of sweet and sour flavors can order options such as Spicy Paloma, while classic cocktails are made with special twists, such as See-through Mary with tsipouro.

Book a table indoors and be one of the first to enjoy the experience of Miralice Bar Restaurant in Aegina!

Reservations: + 30 6948599731

Bonus tip: For extra romance, go upstairs and enjoy the experience of Miralice Bar Restaurant from the windows with panoramic views of the port of Aegina.

Miralice Aegina

Aegina Beach

Telephone: +30 2297 022330, +30 6948599731

Miralice Aegina, Miralice Αίγινα, bar restaurant Αιγινα, bar restaurant Aegina

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