Love at first sight



Love at first sight… Its color, the harmony of the buildings on the coastal road, the boats with their lights reflected on the harbor’s waters, even the fact that it takes just an hour from Athens to get to this wonderful environment, all make the town of Aegina unique.

The distinctive color of the island and its authentic architecture is the first thing you notice when you set your foot on the harbor.

An authentic “traditional settlement”

The city of Aegina has been officially given the status of a “traditional settlement”, since it retains the image of the past and its local character.

Bonus info

  • Taking a stroll around the main town of the island is ideal at all times. In the morning, drink your coffee along with a pistachio condiment, staring at the sea from an overlooking balcony, or in the afternoon enjoy the sunset.
  • Get a hot cheese pie from the traditional bakery and enjoy it on one of the benches or outside the characteristic chapel of Agios Nikolaos at the harbor.
  • Walk to the famous fish market of Aegina town and buy fruit from the floating grocery stores (it is a local innovation).
  • Get informed about the city’s many options for lunch.
  • In the afternoon, take a fresh local dessert or hand-made ice-cream on the go, your camera and prepare to enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets you’ve seen in your life! The entire western side of the island is ideal for sunsets and unforgettable moments. Alternatively, enjoy it riding a coach while crossing the town.
  • If you are sailing, the port of Aegina is ideal due to its proximity to Piraeus and the easy access to water and fuel that it offers.

Do not forget!

Visit the ancient temple of Apollo (once the Acropolis of Aegina), the archaeological museum, the folk art museum, the museum of Christos Kapralos and the historic house of Kazantzakis. Also, take the opportunity to buy special art or fashion items but also local products like pistachios and ceramics.

And as soon as the sun is warm enough it is time for the first dive of the day. If the season does not permit swimming in the sea, then you can go for excursions around the island to discover its hidden beauties or continue reading your newspaper until it’s time for lunch.


Aegina town by night

This is the time that the atmosphere changes… The tempo goes up while the hangouts are many and worth your visit. Music, dance, drinks and cocktails until the early hours plus after-hours diners, are available to help complement your view of the town and the island of Aegina. Even in winter, Aegina town is lively in the evenings.

Must do

Choose your fish at the fish market and enjoy it at one of the fish taverns in the town of Aegina.

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