Yorgos Kapoutzidis: This is my Aegina

The multi-talented, unique screenwriter, actor, presenter and…Aegina lover, Yorgos Kapoutzidis, talks about everything that connects him to the island, reveals his hidden secrets, and explains how he discovered the best version of himself in Aegina.

People of Aegina #10 – Yorgos Kapoutzidis


We met him on TV! We loved him while watching his incredible television successes. He made us laugh and cry with “Savvatogennimenes” and “Para Pente”, he entertained us at Eurovision, we enjoyed his first theatrical performance “Whoever wants to break up … raise your hand”. The multi-talented, unique screenwriter, actor, presenter and…Aegina lover, Yorgos Kapoutzidis, talks about everything that connects him to the island, reveals his hidden secrets, and explains how he discovered the best version of himself in Aegina. Enjoy him!

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I first came to Aegina in 2004.

I remember my first time in Aegina. We had come for a one-day-trip with friends, we rented bikes and went to the 2nd Beach of Marathonas. We swam and came back, it was perfect exercise! After our first escape, our one-day excursions continued. We also went to the Moni island and I was impressed when I saw the deers and the peacocks, they had told me about tem but I didn’t believe it! We chose Aegina because it was a close destination and in the end we really liked it!


I wrote the Mykonos episodes of “Para Pente” in Aegina!

Two years later, in 2006, I rented my first home in Aegina very close to the port, near Panagia Myrtidiotissa. Then I was writing the second cycle of Para Pente and I took refuge in this apartment to be inspired! In fact, the episodes of Mykonos, the 2nd and 3rd of that season, were written in Aegina! In 2007 I rented a larger house in Aeginitissa and in 2009 I bought my own house in Vrocheia. I remember it was August 12, 2009, when I first came in!


Aegina is a frequent place for me to visit.

There are times when I feel sad that I don’t spend more time here, because some summers I travel a lot and I miss Aegina. This summer will be different! Also, there are times when in the winters I feel sad because I do not come so often. In Athens, you get carried away by the city’s lifestyle, and even if there is a way out and the choice of Aegina is available, you forget about it and do not take advantage of it.



I spent the COVID-19 lock-down in Aegina and I realized how different life is here.

I’ve been in Aegina since March 10 and it has made me realize how different, how beautiful life is here. How much better I am here, because I am resting, my thought is different. I want to try to be more in Aegina and less in Athens.

After my theatrical performance last October, I was thinking that I wanted to go somewhere for 2 or 3 months to relax. And finally, as things turned out, Aegina was my place to be. I had the pleasure of spending the quarantine with my neighbor Elli. We happened to be here and it was very nice for both of us, our friendship developed and we took the opportunity to explore the island.



Aegina is my refuge.

What connects me to Aegina is that I feel it is the safest shelter I could find in difficult situations. The situation we experienced this year due to the COVID-19 quarantine was difficult and I was lucky enough to experience it here and not in a city’s apartment.

It was also a great refuge in 2015, during the capital controls period that Athens was very grey. I had chosen to spend all this time here, without television, because I didn’t want to get into the process of hatred at all. Aegina causes me great calmness and as I grow older I feel I need it much more. This is my connection, after all, calmness and relaxation.



What I love to do in Aegina…

I love going for a swim in Klima and Moni island and cycling when it is not very hot. What also connects me to Aegina is that here I decided to stop eating meat in 2015. I was on the beach of Marathon, I had spent a long time on the island that year, I fed so many cats, two turtles coming home, a dog, so I made a thought that I love animals very much to eat them. About 15 cats come home and I enjoy feeding them. I always wanted to live in an environment with a lot of cats and Aegina offers me that. Also, Aegina has brought me closer to nature.


Aegina in a word for me is …

An escape when you start the journey, calmness when you arrive, sun and happiness when you stay for many days.



I love Aegina because …

It allows me to be the best version of myself. I have a feeling that our appointment with Aegina was a bit pre-planned this year. I came on March 10 with 2 pants and 2 t-shirts without knowing that we would have quarantine, while the week before the lockdown I had come to Aegina for a one-day trip with my colleagues from the theater.



When I get to Aegina I feel like I’m relaxing right away.

My eye rests as I get off the ship. My arrival equals an emptiness of all thoughts and anxieties. It’s an incredible feeling that I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced it with another place. Aegina really is a battery and energy charger.

When I’m in Aegina for a long time it’s wonderful, when I come for 2-3 days I get anxious, I feel like I don’t have the time to do all these things I want, I get sad and I miss experiences. During the quarantine I lived here for a long time, I explored places I had never seen before and discovered my talents because I dedicated time to myself and the things I wanted to do.



We had 24 hours for ourselves. Many people stopped working, our theater closed. What matters the most is the way that every person adapts to difficult conditions. I had a 24 hour for myself and a very beautiful one actually. I walked a lot and I saw spring, a season you can’t feel when you’re in town.

Spring means seeing the flowers come out and slowly fade. Aegina was full of yellow flowers that have now disappeared.



My favorite places in Aegina …

I had the pleasure to go for the first time to Paleochora this year, a very beautiful walk. I also discovered rocky beaches near Agia Marina that I had never seen before. I went to the Dragon houses, the prehistoric buildings dating back to 1200 BC, to the Temple of Ellanios Zeus and the monastery of the Taxiarches at the highest point of Aegina. I felt very proud to have climbed to the highest point of the island. I visited the Monastery of Chrysoleontissa and discovered Eleonas, a very beautiful place with a special energy. I love all these places. Moni island is also a beloved place for me, while this year I walked a lot in Perdika and I realized that it is much more than the street with the taverns. It is such a beautiful village, I walked around every single alley!



The biggest hidden secret of Aegina is that you can see Greece over the millennia.

In Aegina you can find prehistoric dragon houses, buildings more than 3000 years old, then you will travel back to the post-archaic era with the Temple of Aphaia, and climb up the temple of Ellanios Zeus, the oldest in Europe. After that, you can travel back in the times of the pirates with a visit to Paleochora, you will feel the passage of the Venetians in the Tower of Markellos and your journey will continue with the first capital of modern Greece, in the years of Kapodistrias, and you will end up in World War II. All of Greece and its history are found in Aegina and this is something that many do not know. Its sea bottom has a similar history.

To highlight the place and its amazing history, you must have the vision to transform it and be different from the other islands. Besides, Aegina is so close to Athens and with so many beauties and history, this is a factor of differentiation.



A few words about We Love Aegina

You are very lucky to do something you love. There is nothing more important than that! Never stop doing it, try to promote our island, and show its beauty everywhere. Well done for that!


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