The Ancient Olive Grove (Eleonas)

A hidden secret

The Ancient Olive Grove (Eleonas)


Quiz: Which region was chosen by the French fashion house Hermes for the shooting of its 2005 collection?


The area chosen is none other than the ancient olive grove of Aegina, owing to the landscape with the centuries-old olive trees and the unique sunlight that illuminates the area . The Dumas family, which holds the largest share of the house, loves Aegina and owns a luxury home in Pachia Rachi. Thus, the Olive Grove was the perfect choice.

To reach Eleonas you can follow the paths that descend from the surrounding mountain villages (Pachiorachi, Kapotides, Marathon). You will find yourself in an area just south of Pahia Rahi, under the Sfirixtres, in a secluded valley with a fair number of ancient olive trees. These trees once were part of the ancient grove of Aegina and now rise proudly among scattered churches and remnants of chapels. The area has a wildlife refuge while you can see hares, partridges and sheep basking in the sun.

These trunks have an estimated age of 400 years and based on calculations some of them are 1500 years old. Standing in the same place for so many years, with huge roots and trunks, like natural monuments they rightly deserve man’s admiration. Imagine that there is one olive tree whose trunk, at the base, covers a surface of 30 sq.m.!

Bonus info

Although this place was presented in major magazines throughout the world thanks to the Hermes photo-shoot, it is little known, even among locals. A virgin destination, a hidden secret.


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