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Moutzis Aegina Pistachio Shop offer fresh and delicious pistachios of Aegina that are quite famous! Learn more about their history…

Let’s travel back to the ’60s in Kypseli, Aegina. Georgios Mourtzis, a farmer, whose main occupation is viticulture and farming, after a large drought and seeing that the pistachio is now a profitable crop, is slowly beginning to replace the vines with pistachios.

His youngest son, Panagiotis, very soon follows his father’s lead, continuing what he started. From the age of 14, Panagiotis shows a love for the land and engages himself in cultivation, beginning to supply his pistachios exclusively to well-known delicacies in Greece and abroad.

After creating his own family with Nektaria Lada, Panagiotis gives the baton to their daughter Katerina. His daughter realized the value and potential of this sacred fruit of Aegina and has the idea to open an authentic -back then- family business in 2001 in the center of Aegina.

Mourtzis Family will start selling its own pistachio and Nektaria will start to passionately create the sweetest pistachio delicacies, masterfully unfolding the potential of the traditional sweet cuisine of both Aegina and Greece.

The years go by and the range expands until their sons George and Nikos are added to the family business. George studies confectionery and gives a new potential to the business next to Nektaria, maintaining the traditional flavors married with modern techniques and methods.

Today Mourtzis Pistachio Shop creates over 30 handmade pistachio delicacies with their own hands, thus ensuring the quality, authenticity and freshness of their local products.

Visit Mourtzis Pistachio Shop to buy freshly baked hot pistachios directly from Mourtzis oven.

Taste the famous “Fistikata” Baklava – of different types with fresh butter and pistachio – the best handmade pistachio pastel you have ever eaten, chocolate truffles with pistachio, pistachio praline, and pistachio paste. We definitely recommend the handmade chocolates with pistachio, whole nuts and dried fruits!

Freshly baked nuts and dried fruits, the most up-to-date wine cellar on the island, organic products, spices, herbs, coffee and tea are also found at Mourtzis Pistachio Shop.

Mourtzis Pistachio Shop is located in the picturesque alley of 57 Panagioti Irioti street at the town of Aegina, next to the Fish Market.

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