Local flavours

Pistaccio and its products, local fish, olive oil, wine, honey

Local flavours


You love trying local cuisine and traditional recipes? Then prepare yourself because you can enjoy the following …

The famous pistachio of Aegina

In all its shapes and forms (fresh or dried, salted or unsalted, as a nougat, as a sweet condiment, in cookies, as a pasty, ice cream, mojito and the list goes on).


A fish of the Saronic bay, with a sweet flavor that is mainly located around Aegina thanks to the special composition of the water.

Smoked grey mullet

Ask for them by the name “lykorinos”.

Local wine varieties (Roditis and Savatiano)

The Aegina retsina is mainly produced for local consumption, but if you visit Mesagros you can find it on sale in bulk form.

Honey of Aegina

Of high quality (one of the typical professions in Aegina is that of the beekeeper).

Olive oil

The ancient olive grove of Aegina is a proof that the olive was a staple food on the island since antiquity. Even today, the island continues to produce oil in smaller quantities. Again based on oil, this time combined with aromatic essential oils, there is an Aeginian business initiative that relates to the production of soap with cosmetic properties.

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