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A historically important village with traditional architectural features, Mesagros deserves your visit.

It is located inland, 9km from the port of Aegina. Heading from the port towards Agia Marina, after 8km turn left at the junction towards Mesagros and 1km later you are there!

In Mesagros you will admire the beautiful nature that changes colors and aromas depending on the season. In this verdant village grow many of the famous Aeginean pistachio trees. Its inhabitants are mainly occupied in agriculture and are renowned for their talent in pottery. Even today you will find the pottery-works of the Gari brothers, open to the public every day. Pottery workshops take place regularly at Mesagros, yet another strong experience with a distinct scent of Aegina.

Like every “self-respecting” village’, Mesagros has taverns where you can taste local cuisine while revelling in nature, while in the church of Agios Konstantinos, on the 21st of May, a famous feast takes place.

Bonus tips

  • Don’t leave without visiting Panagia Politissa, a Byzantine church built in 1457 by immigrants from Constantinople and the house of Emmanuel Rodakis, a sample of characteristic 19th century Greek architecture. Rodakis’ house is open to the public.
  • Choose a spot and have a sit to enjoy the view. You will have a panorama of the whole of Aegina at your feet. If the weather permits, you can also see the Temple of Aphaia from a bird’s-eye-view.

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