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Fistikato Aegina


Fistikato is one of the first pistachio shops you will find on your way from the port or one of the last ones you will find on your way to the port. This automatically means that you most probably have stopped here to make your pistachio shopping! But even if you chose it only because of its short distance from the ferries, you should know that you made a very good choice whatsoever.

Fistikato commits to always offer their own original Aeginian pistachios, of excellent quality, hand-picked until their crop finishes. And if that happens, they simply promise to remain closed and wait for the pistachios of their new harvest. This is Fistikato’s way to guarantee excellent quality.

Don’t miss to try their Aeginian pistachio pesto, their delicious pistachio butter or, alternatively, their best selling crispy rolls stuffed with pistachio praline or their pistachio leaf baklava.

Bonus Tip: This sacred Aeginian nut is so nutritious that you can shop more and more without guilt.

Fistikato Aegina

4 Dimokratias Ave.

Aegina Town


1 review

  1. Best pistachios ever.

    The best pistachios in the world.

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