Winter in Aegina: How to have a great time!

Check our suggestions on where to stay, eat, and have fun in Aegina at wintertime.

Islands are by default considered touristic exclusively during summertime. This is only half the truth when we are talking about Aegina. And this is for 3 reasons mainly: 1) it is an easy-to-access destination even in winter, only 1 hour away from Piraeus, 2) bad weather (almost) never cancels its ferries’ schedules 3) the island boasts 17.000 permanent residents so it is always full of life.

There are of course hotels, restaurants and other touristic businesses that close for 3 months or so but here we will present to you those that stay open and we really believe you should give them a try!

Where do I stay?

Aeginitiko Archontiko: A classic choice in the town of Aegina. A traditional neoclassical building with frescos on the ceilings and a famous home-made breakfast by Mrs. Rena.

Antzi: In Perdika, Aegina’s famous fish village, Antzi boasts not only for its central building with the spacious studios but also for its 3 new stone-made buildings of traditional architecture.

Where do i eat?

Kappos Allios: The well-known “Kappos Etsi” (meaning “This Way”) this winter welcomes us as a winter spot under the clever name “Kappos Allios” (meaning “The Other Way”)! A creative meze restaurant in a very cozy place that aims to become Aegina’s place-to-be.

Alkyoni: A Greek taverna offering traditional dishes made by Eleni and grilled specialties made by Argyris. Overlooking Perdika’s balcony, with a fireplace that makes you want to stay there until night.

Dromaki: The hot supper spot stays open in winter also offering the alternative for a buffet menu. Always with its delicious home-made dishes and the owners making you feel like home.

Nontas: You can’t miss it! It is the first restaurant you will see right when you step on Perdika’s “balcony”. You should try their fish and seafood delicacies.

Kriton Gefsis (meaning Cretan Flavours): If you don’t know how to reach there, just follow the music! If you are a Greek live music fan, then this is your place. In any case, the dishes are rich and the choices plenty. (It closes for two weeks usually in the beginning of December)

Fish Tavern “Aeginitissa”: It is the place to forget anything that worries you. The proximity to the sea is what makes this Aeginian restaurant so special. Here you will enjoy an exclusive menu, good food offered through years of experience and a good chance to bump into celebrities. During winter, it is open Fridays to Sundays.

Achivadaki: “Aeginitissa’s” new child, in Vrochia area, Achivadaki is also placed on the seashore, offering quality seafood, traveling you in another –carefree- era. During winter, it is open Fridays to Sundays.

To Deka: Here you will enjoy good food, fast service and a magnificent view over Perdika’s port to Moni island. But its asset is mostly Giannis’s smile and talent in grilling the specialties you will choose.

What about coffee & desserts?

Coffee Island: Coffee Island is different from the rest of Cafes in Aegina in that it is actually a coffee shop (you can get your own fresh coffee there to prepare at home). You will notice the amazing flavours upon entering the store. Of course, you can also have your coffee prepared to sit or take away.

Aiakeion: Aegina’s trademark, Aiakeion has prepared numerous desserts and almond sweets during its more than 50 years of operation. Located on Aegina’s promenade, it is ideal for dessert and food as well. And if you are organizing a private event in Aegina, Aiakeion catering is your guarantee.

Nissos: Nissos is definately one of our suggestions when it comes to Cafe & Dessert but please note that it is also a must-destination for foodies, offering a nice environment with nice music, Mexican nights and a number of cocktails. You can’t miss it as it is located on Aegina’s promenade.

Any nightlife suggestions?

Avli: (meaning courtyard) It is the most cozy place in Aegina, a real courtyard with trees and tables to enjoy your food, drinks and (live) music. And if you are a fan of table games, then this is your place!

Oinoh: Aegina’s new entry as regards nightlife. The moment it opened under new management, it automatically got the love of Aegina’s people and not only. Now you can’t go out on a Friday or Saturday night without passing from Oinoh. Great music on the decks,  special cocktails and positive vibes only!

Caps Love: Or the beautiful courtyard with the nice bar. Dimitris’s desserts, burgers and drinks are the talk of the town while his target is the well-known and very promising motto “make memories”.

Shopping time!

Fistikato: Did you just arrive an you want to try this world famous Aeginian pistachio? Or maybe you are about to take the boat back home and you desperately need to get some local products before you leave? Fistikato is a great choice when it comes to pistachio and its products.

Mourtzis: 30 years now, Moutzis family is cultivating pistachios while in 2001 they opened a store which is always full of tourists and locals. This alone shows that Mourtzis shop is offering quality pistachios and local products grace to the family’s long history in the field.

Press Centre: Greek and foreign Press,  toys, gifts, books & stationery, necessary items and accessories for smokers, maps and travel guides and more. In the centre of Aegina, right outside its port.

To Skalopataki: Are you looking to buy souvenirs? Ceramics, towels, plastic/ inflatable toys, traditional or modern, anything you ask for you will find it here. It is the only way to take some island breeze with you before you leave.

Ceramic Art Lab: You should not miss this hidden jewel, located on a central road in Aegina town. Here you can find hand-made ceramics, created with both traditional Aeginian and contemporary techniques. (It closes for two weeks between end of January and beginning of February)

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