Aegina and the love for the sea

“The only way to find happiness in my life was to chase the waves… And I owe my decision to Aegina!”

People of Aegina # 2 – Marilita from Athens


Marilita Symnianaki from Athens is the second person to talk about Aegina and her relationship to the island! This is where her story began, after all. Read all the things that connect Marilita to our island, as well as how she offered her own small contribution to Aegina.

Marilita Symnianaki, Aegina Lover from AthensWe Love Aegina Fistiki Fest 2019, people of Aegina

My name is Marilita and I am working as a Probation Financial Officer of the Hellenic Merchant Marine. My love for the sea led me to pursue this job. From a very young age, during my holidays in Aegina, I realized it was my dream and I couldn’t go back. The only way to find happiness in my life was to chase the waves. That’s what I did! And I owe my decision to Aegina and my unforgettable summers on the island.

My relationship with Aegina starts from…

The ship “Elvira”, a very important ship for me. From the age of 7, I started admiring it. I used to consider it a soldier on Piraeus – Agia Marina – Souvala line. Thanks to Elvira, I realized my love for boats. Seeing it from a very young age, I used to say that I wanted to be a captain. I kept writing about it in school. I also used to talk to my friends about Aegina, and Agia Marina that I visited every summer with my parents.

My love for Aegina, the ships and the sea was born in me…

When I first went on vacation with my parents in Agia Marina. As I got older and saw the island and the sea, more and more emotions were born. There were so many things that connected me, I made friends, we used to play at the port, they always waited for me every summer.Άνθρωποι της Αίγινας, People of Aegina

Aegina because…

This is where my story begins. I started going on holidays in Aegina in August ’98. I was 4 years old back then. I was a small child and I remember my first swim in Agia Marina and the song that my mom used to sing to me to learn how to swim; the fisherman’s boat, which was a very prophetic song for me.

And this is how it all began. On that beach with the crystal clear waters and the golden sand, I was building my first castles with my bucket. Later, I made hearts in the sand with the names of my loved ones and my name. I started growing up. And as I grew older, I became more and more attached to the island.

From my childhood vacation in Aegina, I remember…

My first horse-carriage ride in the city of Aegina. The photos from the port. My arrival with the ferry-boats like Aias, Agios Nektarios, and Achaios. I remember my parents telling me that when we returned to Athens I was crying. I didn’t want to go back. They wondered why this was happening!

My parents chose Aegina for our summer holidays…

Because it is close and it was the ideal destination for summer vacations. I also have roots, as my grandfather’s family from my mother’s side came all Aegina and they were all sailors. One of my uncles used to tell me that I am also from Aegina and I will become a sailor.

As an adult, I wanted to contribute to Aegina…

For this reason, I decided to become a volunteer at the Fistiki Festival 2019. I saw the announcement on the site of the Municipality and I immediately applied. I was accepted as a volunteer and I was responsible for the children’s entertainment at Markellos Tower. My job was to be with the children, help them do crafts and play various games. During the Festival, I came to Aegina from Piraeus every day. My joy was great! I was also assisting at the Municipality’s stand.People of Aegina, Aegina Fistiki Fest 2019

My experience at Aegina’s Fistiki (Pistachio) Festival 2019…

was unforgettable! It is a very remarkable event that promotes pistachio, the diamond of our island in Greece and abroad. It helps the local economy and tourism development. Pistachio is not just a local product for sale, it needs passion, and care. I also promoted the festival on my social media. It will be my great pleasure to pass on my knowledge and experience to others so that they too can participate as volunteers.

Through my participation as a volunteer…

I realized that I was social and responsible. My experience helped me develop more skills and confidence. It gave me the impetus to be stubborn, to become more dynamic and to take initiative in the other parts of my life.

Άνθρωποι της Αίγινας, People of Aegina

Aegina for me…

is my island for life full of unforgettable memories. I’ve kept a lot of souvenirs from my holidays. I have two baskets of shells and I have kept them until now. We used to exchange them as small gifts. I also wanted to get married in the chapel of Agia Marina! My heart belongs to Aegina. I have of course visited other islands, but I do not feel the same as I do about Aegina. Agia Marina is still a top destination for me. I would also like to explore every single corner of Aegina, I still have a lot to discover.

Άνθρωποι της Αίγινας, People of Aegina

My favorite spot on the island is…

The church of Agios Nikolaos Thalassinos. The last time I visited Aegina, my first time as an adult, I was very moved when I saw it as soon as I stepped foot on the island. The first thing I did, as a sailor, was to light a candle and say a prayer.

Another favorite spot is the Temple of Aphaia. The place that calms me and relaxes me is the church of Agios Nektarios.

Άγιος Νικόλαος Αίγινας, Agios Nikolaos Church Aegina

My secret place in Aegina…

is located near the port of Agia Marina – a hidden path between the rocks. It’s a very special place for me, that’s where I heard the wave for the first time, that’s where I saw the full moon. It is my first romantic memory.

My favorite habit…

is going for coffee, shopping and buying souvenirs and of course getting my favorite pistachio and local delicacies.

Άνθρωποι της Αίγινας, People of Aegina

Aegina with a word …

Love, admiration, feelings, emotions. It means so much to me that I can’t find just one word to describe it!

I love Aegina because …

There are so many things that connect me to the island. There are the memories, the sights, the history, the culture. Aegina is a paradise where you can go and find ultimate tranquility. Even if you go for a day or two, you feel that your mind has relaxed.

One can travel to Aegina all year round to enjoy both the sun and the rain. It has so many beautiful landscapes to offer all year round. It is a beauty, the jewel of the Saronic Gulf that for me is not compared to anything.

We Love Aegina is a very reliable travel guide for Aegina. I learn a lot of hidden secrets and I admire photos that look like paintings!

Stay tuned for more #weloveaegina stories!

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