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Svein Hyttebakk, Aegina Lover from Norway

People of Aegina #1 – Svein from Norway


The first person to talk about Aegina is Svein from Norway. Svein wanted to share with all of us some of his advice and emotions together with a couple of videos captured in Aegina. Enjoy!


Svein Hyttebakk, an Aegina lover from NorwayNorway loves Aegina 1

Hello Aegina Lovers, my name is Svein Hyttebakk, I am a native Norwegian, born and raised on the west coast by the North Atlantic Ocean. I live in Stavanger and work as a musician and film producer. I was asked to share with you my personal connection with Aegina along with some of my own experiences, feelings and tips! So, let’s begin!

I have visited Aegina for vacation 7 times the last 20 years.

My first visit to Aegina…

was by coincidence! In 1998 I was looking for a place to go on holiday for the Easter. It turned out that an organisation I was part of in Norway had rented a small hotel in Souvala.
Here members could stay for free, and as my economy was not the best this offer was to good to resist. So I went there via the old airport, jumped on the ferry in Pireus and came to this wonderful Island.

A clear memory of my first evening in Souvala:

I went for groceries in a small nearby shop. It was quite late in the evening and in the shop where an old lady. I did not have drachmas so I wanted to use my credit card, but there was no terminal in the shop and the Lady did not speak English.
That is; she just nodded her head, and said: Tomorrow – with a smile.

So she wanted me, a person she had never seen in her life, to come back and pay her tomorrow. Of course I came back the day after and all other days of our stay to buy my groceries and fresh bread.

I don’t know if this lady still lives, but I hope she had a wonderful life and I wish her all the best.

Souvala Aegina - Norway loves Aegina

What connects me most with Aegina is…

The nature, the sun and water, the atmosphere – it is friendly and relaxed and the people are helpful with a smile and some good words.
Also history, I was 28 the first time there, now I’m 50 – and the Island is mostly the same, not ruined by too much tourism.
I’m from an island myself (Karmøy), I grew up there and now I live on a really small Island here in Stavanger (Grasholmen).


Each time I arrive in Aegina I am longing for…

The view of the lighthouse and Kolona that tells we are almost there, and going on shore and head for a bite of food and a beer in the harbor -knowing I will have 2 weeks of Aegina love 🙂

Which are my favourite spots on the island? What do I mostly enjoy when in Aegina?

Ohh, many!

The small rocky bays and beaches on the south-east side of Aegina – from Portes and just before going over the mountain pass of Oros – we go there to dive and relax…

The hills over Vagia with small paths and forest…

Hiking Mt Oros Aegina, it is always a magnificent view up there.
Also the slopes down to the sea from Oros, it is wild and offers a nice hiking adventure.

The valley of Eleonas, I have been there some times now – and I think about how long the trees have been there and what they have seen in over 1000 years…

Paleochora and the opposite side with the monastery in the hill valley and the small chapels – lovely for hiking.

Finding a little sheltered spot on Moni island and enjoying a nice seafood meal in Perdika right after – that is wonderful!

And many more, and I think I probably will see more in the years to come!


My Aegina in one word/ phrase is:


I love Aegina because…

It’s a place of both peace and fun.

I would like to thank for the interview. Weloveaegina is a very complete guide to your wonderful Island, and I will surely recommend it to anyone going to Aegina.

Finally, let me share some videos I created from my holidays in Aegina… Just magic…


Norway loves Aegina and Aegina Loves Norway! Stay tuned for more #weloveaegina stories!

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