Pachia Rachi (or Pachiorahi)

Officialy awarded a "traditional settlement" status

Pachia Rachi (or Pachiorahi)


Officialy awarded with a “traditional settlement” status, Pachia Rachi retains the image that it had in the past and its local character unaltered. It was formerly the only village on Mount Ellanio, which is no longer true, but it remains entirely authentic.

It is worth remembering that some of the fighters of the Revolution of 1821 came from this historic village. It is also said that the Aeginian sculptor Ioannis Karakatsanis was born here too.

The route to Pachia Rachi, and the view from the village will surely mesmerise you!

Bonus info

  • There are no shops in the village
  • No motor traffic is allowed.
  • Many of the older houses have been restored – or renovated – resulting in the village being an example of aesthetics.
  • The church of Agios Dionysios is distinguished by the big bell tower, the blue dome and its sacramental atmosphere. It is no coincidence that so many people choose to hold here their rituals of passage (wedding, baptism).
  • The Cultural Association of the area is housed in the old school at the entrance of the village.

Must see

Pachia Rachi also has a gem of a theater that operates regularly, bringing quality performances while overlooking the entire “Oros” (mountain). Get informed, book a ticket and the experience will reward you.

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