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A small surprise is waiting for you behind Aegina’s famous fish market of Aegina: Kubara shop! A small corner shop full of art, accessories, decorative and useful items, designed by Greek and foreign prominent designers at value-for-money prices.

Liana and Polina, the owners, both possessing an artistic background & DNA, will explain to you that with the objects they choose, they try to “marry” tradition with “today’s world”, to showcase traditional works of art and handmade products, highlighting in particular their modern version. Their main objective is that every visitor (either Greek or from other parts of the world) finds his/ her one piece that will awaken their most intense feelings!

Kubara works with both young and established artists living in Greece and working in their workshops with love and dedication to all types of craftsmanship.

In the shop you will find ceramics of unique aesthetics made by many different Greek ceramists, modern or more traditional ones, jewellery made by artists who have been involved with natural materials such as wood or paper and new-generation synthetic materials such as foam rubber, pvc, plexiglass and of course silver, bronze and gold. Objects inspired by Greece and the Greek way of thinking, made by designers and graphic designers who are developing the gifts and souvenirs to look fresher, funny and useful. Kubara ladies are in constant research for new creators, as modern design is what they love most. Geometry, organic shapes, colors, contemporary design and simplicity all get connected flawlessly.

Calendars and postcards uniquely designed specifically for Kubara, handmade handbags made of traditional fabrics, modern mosaics and embroidery, handmade soaps made in Aegina, feminine beauty products based on what else, the Aeginian pistachio, and more!

Every time you visit Aegina’s Kubara shop, you will for sure find something that expresses your… Polina and Liana will not cease to search for unique objects that create memories…

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P. Irioti & Christou Lada
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