Kottaki Ceramics – Ceramic Art Laboratory

Handmade ceramic items

Kottaki Ceramics – Ceramic Art Aegina Laboratory by Kottaki

The Kottaki Ceramics – Ceramic Art Laboratory is a treasure found in the Town of Aegina. It is a shop where you can buy wonderful pieces of local ceramic art, designed and produced by Maria and Martha Kottakis (daughters of the ceramist Triantafillia Kottakis). From kitchen accessories to candle holders and decorative items, they all are so pretty you will find it difficult to choose! The buying experience completes with the owners’ excellent customer service and of course the friendly prices.
Aegina is, anyway, famous for its ceramists since the ancient times. Today, next to the popular Aegina pots you will find a plethora of useful or decorative items, all produced in local Aeginian laboratories.
The Kottaki Ceramics – Ceramic Art Laboratory by Kottaki is highly suggested for your purchases as your last stop before departure.
Bonus Tip: Ask for the ceramic art workshops & exhibitions they organize at their new store and get to learn more about this special art from the best!
Bonus Tip 2: Visit the Kottaki Ceramics eshop and shop online!
Kottaki Ceramics
22 P. Irioti Str., Aegina Town

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22 P. Irioti Str., Aegina Town
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