Aegina Photo Tour

For photography lovers

Aegina Photo Tour with a personal photography teacher


Are you looking for a photo tour in Aegina? Would you like to see Aegina as a photographer would? Take a tour around the town or the rural areas of Aegina island while taking photos of the idyllic spots under the guidance of your personal photography teacher.

Weloveaegina challenges you to be a photographer for a day, make memories and take them literally with you!

Your teacher/ guide is a professional photographer with a portfolio of a great number of published postcards from all around Greece. He lives permanently in the island and therefore he knows first hand all the local attractions and secret pathways that lead to magical places. He will walk you around the town or the mountains and beaches of the island and then take you to major historical monuments while teaching you the basics of photography (techniques and aesthetics).

φωτογραφικός περίπατος + μαθήματα φωτογραφίας/ photo tour + photography class

Depending on the duration of the tour, you will have the opportunity to see and shoot the Temple of Afaia, the Archaeological Site of Kolona , visit the Ancient Olive Grove (Eleonas) where you could also observe wild animals like hares and partridges. Furthermore you could climb the mountains of Aegina and see the breathtaking view. And last, but not least, you will get to see the beautiful town with the most impressive neoclassical mansions. Your photography session includes architecture, culture, people, nature and everything that might intrigue your artistic instinct.

φωτογραφικός περίπατος στο ναό της Αφαίας/ photo tour at the ancient temple of Aphaia

What you need for the photo tour

  • A camera or a smartphone with a high resolution camera
  • Hat
  • Water


Morning: 08.00

Afternoon: 18.00

Town photo tour

1 hour (from 20€/ person)

2 hours (from 40€/ person)

Photo Tour around the island

4 hours (from 50€/ person + 20€ transportation fee)

25% discount in all couples and groups (up to 7 people)

  • special rates for larger groups

** max passengers/ vehicle: 3

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In Aegina Town and all around Aegina
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