weloveaegina: Our best moments from Aegina 2019 and a wish for 2020

weloveaegina.com welcomes 2020 and kisses 2019 goodbye, by collecting all the special moments of the past year and by bringing together all the love that has made us such a big, great company.

we love aegina, αίγινα διακοπές, aegina holidays

One year, 31.536.000 seconds. How many memories, how many emotions can one feel in millions of moments? Weloveaegina.com welcomes 2020 and kisses 2019 goodbye, by collecting all the special moments of the past year and by bringing together all the love that makes us such a big, great company. Here are our very best moments from 2019 in Aegina!

#weloveaegina: We became a motto in 2019!

One year is gone, another one is coming, but sure thing is that, although time flies, our love for Aegina is growing stronger and stronger! #Weloveaegina is now the “motto” of Greek and foreign travelers from all over the world, locals, vacationers, and all types of visitors who love the island of Aegina, for their special reasons. Throughout the year, we have witnessed all this love in chats, groups, and posts all over social media. Your love for #weloveaegina has made us happier and stronger. The love ❤️ we share for Aegina makes us return to the island with the same enthusiasm and the same happiness.  It makes us inspire new visitors to discover it because #weloveculture, #weloveauthentic, #weloveart, #welovebeaches, #weloveexperiences: #weloveaegina!


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Unforgettable holidays in Aegina!

Holidays in Aegina are connected to the some of the best, strongest moments of the year.

After all, we taste the first ice cream of the year in Aegina. An unexpected hug on a Saturday night of spring while walking by the beach feels even cozier. An all-day excursion to Moni islet brings out the sweetest smiles of the children.

That summer dusk that found us on the beach and ended up in an evening swim is something we keep reminiscing over. We even miss the song of the cicadas during our afternoon siesta. Yes, our holidays in Aegina form part of some of the best memories of the year, because they awaken our inner child.

Your favorite memories from 2019 in Aegina

Here are just a few of your love confessions about the island:

“It is impossible to isolate moments in Aegina. That constant feeling is simply wonderful. ”

“Overlooking the port of Aegina on a Sunday morning!!! I never want to say goodbye to this moment !!! ”

“It was 10 in the evening and we hadn’t left the beach of Marathonas yet. So, we enjoyed a night swim with the kids…”

“All the fun moments I spent with friends on the island and especially in Agia Marina, at “Sotos beach bar, Nikos bar, Compass, Pita Tom” and of course at the Fistiki Festival 2019 where I met you and your amazing page !!! »

“Wonderful summer evenings in our beloved Aegina!”

Our best memory from 2019: Fistiki Festival 2019

For us, however, the highlight of 2019 was the one we experienced together.we love aegina, fistiki festival, Αίγινα, aegina holidays

The love we shared during this year’s Fistiki Festival in September was unbelievable! We were not only Communication Sponsors, but we were there for the first time with our own stand, as We Love Aegina.

we love aegina, αίγινα διακοπές, aegina hoidays

The moments we lived throughout the festival were unique. A white canvas, 800+ love messages in dozens of languages, and endless smiles embraced us and sealed our special relationship with you and the island we love.

we love aegina fisiki festival, aegina holidays
we love aegina, Αίγινα διακοπές
weloveaegina, fistiki festival, aegina holidays

A wish, a promise and a lot of impatience for 2020!

Finally, time is not measured by clocks, but by moments, memories and emotions. And it gets more beautiful and meaningful when surrounded by love!

This year, 31,536,000 seconds would not mean a thing, if they hadn’t turned into unforgettable memories, got locked in a tiny, red heart and made weloveaegina.com stronger. Let’s bid farewell to 2019 and welcome all the moments that await us in 2020, full of positive energy and impatience. Let’s make a promise to ourselves to make every second of our life count. Let’s fill our life with moments and memories…

From our side, we promise to continue sharing genuine, tried and real recommendations, revealing the most hidden secrets of Aegina and keep on growing with strong partnerships (such as nou-pou.gr). And of course, we offer only the best tips for Aegina, with lots, lots of love.


To the moments we lived so far and to those that are coming…

Happy New Year from the team of weloveaegina ❤️weloveaegina, Αίγινα διακοπές, Aegina holidays

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