6+1 reasons why BOCAMPO Beach Bar Aegina!

Aegina’s must-visit organized beach

BOCAMPO Beach Aegina: A must-visit one!Bocampo Beach Bar Aegina, Bocampo Αίγινα

Aegina has more beaches than you can imagine, organized or not, sandy or rocky, cosmopolitan or secluded, so many that you can discover a new one every time you visit the island. If you are looking for an organized, sandy, “stress-free” beach, we would strongly suggest Aegina’s Bocampo Beach Bar at Marathon B bay.

6 + 1 Reasons Why Bocampo Beach Bar?

1) Because you love the sand

Bocampo Beach is 100% sandy, both on the beach and in the water. Nice, clean sand for castles-building, sand bathing or simply for this relaxing feeling that offers our feet…

2) Because the water here is crystal clear

Even though Bocampo has a large and fanatical audience, it is striking how clear its waters are even on peak days. We have visited Bocampo on dates when the whole island is very crowded and we can guarantee that! Of course, the wind’s direction is crucial so always keep this factor in mind before deciding which beach to visit!

3) Because you have kids

Kids at Bocampo will enjoy their time! Shallow and calm waters, easy access, sand everywhere, fresh juices and snacks, many more kids of all ages to play with… Bocampo Beach Aegina is ideal for families for endless hours of safe play in the water!

Bocampo Beach Bar Aegina, Bocampo Αίγινα

4) To enjoy a sunset yoga class

You must have heard about the wonderful experience of a yoga class in Aegina as the sun goes down… With the experienced yoga teacher Fotini Bitrou who inspires and guides people for so many years, you will for sure enjoy this yoga class – and relaxation is guaranteed… Namaste…

Yoga με τη Φωτεινή Μπήτρου - Pure Fitness

5) Because you are looking for an organized beach, with all the amenities

Umbrellas and sun beds at a good price, a bar serving everything you need from coffee and drinks to light snacks from the morning till late at night on the tables overlooking the sea, showers, toilets, changing rooms, even natural shade, all you need from an organized beach is here.

6) Because here you will adore the magnificent Aegina sunset

Bocampo (and the Marathon area in general) is located on the west side of Aegina, so it is an ideal choice for enjoying Aegina’s much-treasured sunset in vibrant tones of yellow, pink and orange…

7) To organize your own personal event

For wedding or christening events but also for the great party you were always dreaming of, Aegina’s Bocampo Beach Bar offers both the ideal environment and the necessary facilities to host your own personal event.

If you belong in one (or more) of the categories above, you now know the answer: Bocampo Beach Bar!

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