Swimming & Spa on the beaches of Aegina

"Silky" dives

Swimming & Spa on the beaches of Aegina


Aegina’s beaches can satisfy even the most demanding guest! On the island you will find beaches with sand, rocks or pebbles; remote and quiet or cosmopolitan ones; easily accessible or steep and rugged ones; surrounded by lush vegetation or arid ones.

What distinguishes the beaches of Aegina is the combination of all those things that are generously offered. The soil, the earth, the sand, the stones, the rocks, the waters. Everything your body feels is of volcanic origin and all of this transmits some kind of magic carrying large doses of positive energy.

The water on the island is said to be “soft” in touch when it comes in contact with your body. If you dive into the waters of Aegina, you will feel as if sliding on silk…

The “silky” dive in Aegina’s waters is complemented by the scent of the surf, of pistachios and eucalyptus trees that permeate the atmosphere and douse you with a sense of relaxation. A simple and genuine scenery that brings memories of childhood, innocence, purity and reminds you that swimming in the sea has always been a unique experience!

Did you know …

that the soil (called paspara /clay) of Aegina is very effective as a spa tool for your skin?


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