Ostria Restaurant

Fresh delicacies from the family's garden

Ostria Restaurant Aegina


Ostria Restaurant Aegina in Marathon is a hidden secret of Aegina for many, despite the fact that over the years it has received a lot of publicity from the media. Publicity through which journalists and gastronomy critics praise the quality of their food.

Ostria Restaurant and its owner, Kostas, retain their low profile and professionalism that rank them so high in the audience’s preferences all over these years.

A day at Ostria restaurant begins with a rich breakfast with fresh eggs, local thyme honey and continues with ouzo and Greek meze, homemade Greek cuisine with vegetables from Marmarinos family garden, fresh fish every day from Aegina’s fishing boats, roasts, provincial pies, homemade spoon-sweets and daily surprises for the palate, all mentioned in many magazines, newspapers and travel guides prompting you to savour them.

Another advantage of Ostria restaurant is that you can choose to sit at its tables placed literally on the sand, next to the seashore. Let your children play in the water and enjoy a good swim until the food is served… the ultimate summer experience.

Bonus Tip: Let us repeat ourselves to tell you that the sunset on this (western) side of Aegina is something magical that is worth experiencing.

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  1. A hidden secret for those who truly appreciate good food.

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