Milokidono Aegina Bio-Restaurant

Bio-grocery and meze/delicacies restaurant

Milokidono Aegina Bio-Restaurant


“Milokidono” bio-grocery and meze/delicacies restaurant is a revelation in Aegina. You will find Milokidono Aegina (meaning Apple Quince) right at the entrance of the city, next to the football stadium, in a quiet, green road, in absolute harmony with its very philosophy. Even the fact that it is located opposite Aegina’s elementary school, is certainly no coincidence if you understand its philosophy.

At Milokidono you will feel good amounts of positive energy entering your soul, either you decide to sit down and try some of its fine dining options or just buy some of its organic products. This energy derives from its philosophy of respect for the nature and its products, as well as for the people and their values.

Milokidono’s hostess, Carla, an Italian lady, first fell in love with Aegina and then decided to live and work here, adding value to the island, its people and visitors. A member of the Slow Food International Movement which started in Italy at the end of the ’80s, Carla aims to promote the Greek local products.

At Milokidono you can taste and buy organic and traditional products, authentic cheeses from the Greek islands and others carefully selected from France, sausages from Italy, gluten free products, cheese for vegans, bio cleaning equipment and so on, all sharing a common characteristic: their pure means of production and distribution. Milokidono is also the place to be for vegans, offering organic and authentic food, from the morning till late at night. Try their vegan cakes accompanied by a home made ginger drink or one of their sandwiches (prepared in front of you with products from their grocery store, accompanied with one of their Greek beers.

From summer on, Milokidono offers different dishes of authentic Italian pasta and croissants – classic or vegan made by quinoa flour.

As for the wine at Milokidono, it is coming from ancient Olympia and it is also organic. Yet if you are in need of something stronger, we recommend you try organic raki from Crete or ouzo from Lesvos.

But the best part of it all is that you can buy what you tasted and liked right-away: inside, at Milokidono grocery store or outside on its counter with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bonus Tip: Milokidono bio-grocery and meze/delicacies restaurant operates according to the philosophy of the network of Social Solidarity and Cooperative Economy based in Athens. It buys directly from producers, without intermediaries and ensures the maximum quality of the products that end up on your table. Thus, the producer is paid fairly and the consumer buys products that have a name.

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2 reviews

  1. Garik, Thorek, Taklar and Dan Somalia

    Had the lasagna made from flatbread, perfect dish in the summer because it is light, vegetarian, and you don’t feel heavy afterwards, but you feel full! Carla is a great cook! The red lentil and ginger puree is nice as well, try the probiotic ginger beer!

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