Quality take away & delivery from Aegina to Perdika


Quality take away & delivery from Aegina to Perdika

“Off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called Kokomo

That’s where you want to go to get away from it all…”

The Beach Boys – Kokomo

What is the connection between the Beach Boys, the zero point of Aegina and the exotic Caribbean? The answer is KOKOMO, the definition of a dreamy escape which is by no means utopian! Born in the summer of 2021 in Marathonas, KOKOMO is a brand-new cafe serving coffee, excellent snacks and cocktails offering the ultimate escape… to get away from it all!

The new entry of Marathonas Beach offers exactly what was missing in the area: it delivers the finest coffee and hand-made snacks serving Aegina, Perdika and everything in between. Are you on that nice rock on a secret beach in the area and you are craving a coffee or even a cocktail? Just call KOKOMO from early in the morning till late at night and everything you are wishing for will be delivered to you, wherever you may be.

Vassilis and Panagiotis, the two experienced owners and inspirers of KOKOMO wanted to cover exactly this need when creating it. Both Aegina Lovers, Vassilis due to his work on the island and Panagiotis thanks to his wife’s origin from the island, they found a gap on the market and decided to bridge it!

10 reasons why KOKOMO

  1. It serves super fine coffee.
  2. It prepares fresh snacks, smoothies, sweets of the day and ice creams … whatever you order will be prepared that time.
  3. All sandwiches, salads and omelets are made with recipes by chefs.
  4. Everything served in KOKOMO is made in KOKOMO.
  5. You can enjoy puff pastry pies of traditional recipes.
  6. Are you in the mood for a cocktail? Order and enjoy it on the veranda of your house or on the beach!
  7. Delivery wherever you are, even on the rock in the most hidden cove!
  8. Hours 7.30 – 22.30 for you who want to take the first ferry, for you who work, for you who want to buy cocktails to your friends at home.
  9. You can also buy a package of KOKOMO’s coffee and prepare it at home.
  10. Don’t have cash? All payment options are available, even POS on delivery!

ΚΟΚΟΜΟ Aegina: The story behind

Panagiotis and Vassilis inspired KOKOMO’s name from the homonymous popular – and so summery – song of the Beach Boys, talking about a fictional island near the Florida Keys. In reality, KOKOMO is a community in Maui, Hawaii. All this philosophy and feelings behind the Beach Boys’ song are reflected in KOKOMO Aegina. In fact, the cafe’s logo depicts the symbols of the wind, the water and the zero (0) point of Aegina.

Looking for KOKOMO; Find it in Aegina!

Truth is… you don’t have to go to Florida, Hawaii or Jamaica to get away from it all! KOKOMO Aegina is closer than you were thinking and you will find it in Marathonas or wherever you are with a call at +302297023145.

Bonus tip: Scan the QR code & check the menu:

KOKOMO Aegina 9

Bonus tip 2: Scan the QR code & order online!

KOKOMO Aegina 11



Marathonas – Agios Nektarios Avenue


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