Rico Blings Aegina

The most... rico shopping destination for jewelry and accessories in Aegina

Rico Blings Aegina

The most… rico shopping destination for jewelry and accessories in Aegina

Bling bling… Welcome to the newest and most…rico destination for faux bijoux, jewelry and accessories in the town of Aegina! Rico Blings opened its doors on the summer of 2021 and is willing to make you update your look and mood with the most unique and impressive yet very reasonably priced jewelry!

Panagiotis, owner and inspirer of Rico Blings is a local in Aegina. He combined his aspiration to create a special faux bijoux and accessories shopping spot in Aegina for all the girls in town with his inspiration from his pet’s name, Rico, a red siskin, and there it was… Rico Blings was born! Set on the number 3 of Pileos street, the very central location of the shop, and the beautifully bright and shiny space, decorated by Maria Leousi (Leousi Interior Design), Rico Blings is meant to be a shopping haunt in Aegina.

Here’s what you’ll find at Rico Blings

  • A huge variety in very reasonably priced and impressive – not only – faux jewelry, from necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and anything else you can imagine, made from shiny and durable stainless steel, beads as well as silver, and precious stones with beneficial properties.
  • A bags paradise! Find big and small bags, beach or evening, belt or backpacks, toiletry or macrame bags!
  • Greek-made sandals made of Italian leather at excellent prices.
  • Scarves and hats of all kinds, made from wicker or canvas, in romantic or Japanese style, floral, everyday hats and of course the original Panama hats!
  • Towels, pestemal and pareo for stylish beach looks.
  • Bandanas and hair accessories…one of the hottest trends of the season!
  • Very cute girl’s accessories – from hats, necklaces and hands’ and feet’s bracelets to hair accessories and bags.
  • Makeup tools (sponges, brushes, etc.)
  • Keychains and bracelets for keys or other essentials.

“Rico” means delicious, beautiful, rich in Spanish. “Bling” is the bright reflection of the diamond… At 3 Pileos Street, a breath away from the coastal road of Aegina Town, Rico Blings is the place to shop women’s jewelry and accessories that will style you up and brighten your mood!

We have already loved it and we are sure that you are looking forward to visiting it for the cutest gifts for you and your loved ones!

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Rico Blings

3 Pileos Street, Aegina Town

Tel: +30 697 448 7597

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Pileos 3
Egina 180 10 GR
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