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Iliotropo Flowers & Weddings

Flower store & plant nursery in Aegina

Iliotropo is the brand-new flower store in Aegina! Born in March 2020 in the city of Aegina, it is a blooming microcosm full of spring beauty, colors and intoxicating aromas! Located at 32 Afaias Street, the plant nursery of Maltezos family operating since 2003 in Agii Asomati, was transformed into Iliotropo Flower Shop to satisfy the needs of Aegina Town’s locals and visitors and fill our life with the beauty of flowers.

The plant nursery and laboratory of the family business has now been transferred to the city of Aegina for easier access and is already the talk of the town! As you enter the small, simple and minimal yet charming space, the magical world of flowers welcomes you. It’s been 17 years since Mrs. Katerina Maltezou started to organize the decoration of beautiful weddings and events with impressive floral compositions and emphasis on detail. Nowadays that her daughters, Dimitra and Eleni have also taken action with the same love and passion, the family business has moved a step ahead!

Indoor & outdoor plants, bouquets & beautiful compositions in Aegina

At Iliotropo you will find flowers, indoor and outdoor plants of all kinds, from beautiful pots, cut flowers for minimal or impressive bouquets, beautiful pots, as well as fresh flowers, from the most classic, to the most special for decoration or gifts that stand out. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fuchsia pineapples, but also the beautiful cacti that will transform your space!

What makes the flowers and plants of Iliotropo perfectly preserved is the drilling with fresh water that the family has, that waters them and makes them truly unique.

Iliotropo Flowers & Weddings: Unique decoration of weddings, baptisms and events in Aegina

Iliotropo Flower Shop in Aegina remains open all year round and can organize the perfect decoration of weddings, christenings and events with elegance, professionalism, affordable prices, smart ideas and solutions tailored to your tastes and preferences. From your everyday moments to the most important days of your life, Iliotropo gives that special touch, proving that detail makes the difference. Visit Iliotropo Flowers & Weddings or the family’s plant nursery to choose the flowers, the decoration and the compositions of your events and weddings in Aegina. It will be an integral part of your special memories!

Iliotropo Flowers & Weddings Aegina

32 Afaias str, Aegina Town

Tel.: +30 22970 23342

Iliotropo Plant Nursery & Laboratory

Agii Asomati, Tel: 22970 22748

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