5 + 1 reasons why Christmas in Aegina… is good for you!

Experience Aegina’s Christmas spirit!

Christmas in Aegina… is good for you!



Let’s face it! Greek islands = summer & sea in everybody’s minds. The same perception applies to Aegina. Yet, once you experience Aegina’s Christmas spirit, you will be convinced that the island is not only a summer destination but much more! Here are the reasons why:

1. Aegina’s town puts on its festive costume! The streets, the houses, the shops, even the boats these days are beautifully decorated with lights and garlands…
2. Churches operate with devoutness.
3. The traditional Aeginian Christmas carols echo in the neighborhoods.
4. Lots of happenings for kids and families are taking place in a 10-days celebration including theatrical performances, concerts, stilts, treats and activities that children love to enjoy! Traditionally, the Christmas celebrations kick off with a children’s race.
5. The Tower of Markellos, one of the most historical, impressive and architecturally classy buildings of Aegina, is the center of the Christmas events. It is worth learning more about its history.

But over and above all, during these days, Aegina is so lively, full of cheerful people celebrating and sharing their love… And this brings out a wonderful feeling and aura to take with you back home, to accompany you during the new year. A more positive view of things. And this is what we all need the most

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