From New Zealand to Aegina

Karen Laurie, Aegina Lover from New Zealand

People of Aegina #5 – Karen from New Zealand


Travelling to Aegina from New Zealand? Aegina lover Karen Laurie from Auckland wants to share with you some tips on how to best enjoy your time, together with the reasons why she loves Aegina! Enjoy!

New Zealand loves Aegina Island Greece
New Zealand loves Aegina Island Greece

Hi all! My name is Karen Laurie,  I am from Auckland, New Zealand.  I am now retired but was a dog groomer for 25 years. I really love to visit Aegina and have been holidaying there every summer since 2013.

First time in came to Aegina I was to stay for one week but stayed for 18 months!

I first visited Aegina in 1981 – originally I was staying just a week but I found the weather, the food and the people all wonderful and stayed 18 months! The night life was very appealing then and I vividly remember the first time I saw plate smashing, nothing like that would ever happen at home unless you dropped one when doing the washing up!

I had a wonderful carefree happy summer of 1981.

Winter, however, was different,  very cold, stormy and quiet compared to summer as a lot of businesses were closed from October to April then. Summer of 1982 was again a wonderful time and although I did travel to other islands, Aegina was my special island and I dreamed of the day I could return. Nearly 30 years passed before that dream could be achieved and in 2010 I went back.  The same wonderful sunshine, food and some of the people were still there. Sadly I could only stay a month but I was rehooked and determined to revisit again.

I know I’m back to Aegina when…

I see the water tower, and that familiar rocky coastline, the swirling gulls following the ferry,  then that mad rush to get off the boat, the small church of Agios Nikolas, and finally the Thomas Centre, sadly much deteriorated since 1981.

First thing i do when i arrive to Aegina…

After the very long flight and almost 30 hours since leaving NZ, sleep is my first priority and  anticipating the joy of waking up and hearing the Church bells on my first morning back in my Greek home.

My favourite place is…

A walk! From Aegina port out to Faros, either the back street past the traditional houses, cemetery and pistachio trees, or the coast road past the famous corner, the small moored boat and the most amazing and ever changing seascape.

It’s a great way to start or end the day and perfect for taking those spectacular Aegina sunset photos.

Aegina sunsets
Aegina sunsets (picture from Karen’s personal album)

Next it’s coffee time and a bit of people watching before shopping for lunch at the local shops, fruit and vegetables are so flavourful and tasty. My favourite is stuffed tomato, green beans and French fries, washed down with a beer or retsina and the watermelon. Aegina is definitely my “HAPPY” place.

I love being on Aegina because…

it reminds me of a great time in my life when I was just starting my travels, I learnt so much about another culture and way of life, how to take pleasure in simple activities and to enjoy each day.

Aegina is the real Greece to me, bustling and vibrant, festivals and special days are celebrated with great enthusiasm and last year I was fortunate to attend a Greek Wedding and Christening as well as the Fistiki Festival.

Aegina Fistiki Festival
Aegina Fistiki Festival (picture from Karen’s personal album)

I hope to holiday on Aegina for as long as I’m able, sadly in 2020 it may not be possible but that won’t stop me at all!

In the meantime I console myself with being able to follow “” and get my daily fix of AEGINA.

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