Nektarios Aposporis & his love for Aegina

Nektarios Aposporis is a Greek-French painter. He states that he would always choose Aegina without a second thought and shares the magic of his island!

People of Aegina #14 – Nektarios Aposporis


Nektarios Aposporis is a Greek-French painter. Half Aeginian, half French, he was born and lived on the island until the age of 18, he studied Painting and Dog Training in France and he now considers Aegina as his base. The artist, who states that he would always choose Aegina without a second thought, shares the magic of his island. Enjoy his interview!


I am Nektarios Aposporis. I was born in Aegina, I lived on the island until my 18 first years, and then I left to study in Paris. After I returned, I used to spend half a week in Athens, half a week in Aegina. Since last March we have been living in Aegina and we realized that we no longer need to live in the city. We now consider Aegina as our base!

Why I choose Aegina

It is my place, my homeland, my memories… I love its hinterland, its nature, its colors… As soon as we set foot in the port, we feel that we leave all the city stress behind. Aegina calms me so much!


Aegina is light!

Aegina has a special light… It may sound cliché, but I have not seen anything similar to the light of Aegina. They say that it is the Attic light, but Athens and Piraeus lack clarity. I will give you an example that impressed me so much. Years ago, I wanted to paint the Temple of Aphaia. It was summer when I started visiting it. I wanted to make a realistic illustration on a gold background. I finally realized that due to the summer sun, it was almost impossible to see the details of the Temple! It was as if the Temple itself was radiating the light. Autumn had to arrive in order for me to be able to see the details of the temple. This is when I realized that the light of Aegina is something very special!


This light almost makes you dizzy… It is something you do not find in other parts of Greece! Even at sunset, the color palette is incredible. Light, colors, and intensity at their best!

The nature of Aegina

The nature of Aegina fascinates me! It is an island divided in two. The south side reminds you of the wild beauty of the Cyclades, while at the same time, you can find yourself in a pine forest with aromas from the Ioanian Sea in the north. There is also a corresponding differentiation in architecture. On the one hand, you meet the neoclassical buildings in the Town and on the other, the old Cycladic-style houses of Perdika. Many people have started discovering the beauties of Aegina’s hinterland, nature, its mountains. It is such a small island but with so many things to see and do!


I unreservedly recommend Aegina!

Of course, I highly recommend Aegina to my French friends! I think it is an island in human dimensions, it is not chaotic, you can easily understand how to move. Also, Aegina makes you feel that the history of Greece unfolds at every step, from antiquity to modern Greek history. Aegina has it all and at the same time, it is close to the capital!

My favorite places in Aegina

My great love is the southern beaches of the island … Klima, Sarpas and others. This side of Aegina is pure magic because you cannot see Athens and you feel that you are so far from the city! Of course I love my village, Perdika and its unique rocks. My favorite places are also Oros, Sfendouri, Agios Antonis, Anitsaio. I love the mountains of Aegina!


What I love to do in Aegina

I like to paint, swim, walk in nature. With my partner, we like to make use of what nature gives us! Every season, every month has something to offer. In the summer, we pick figs, grow tomatoes, pick almonds, greens, olives. We love to be close to nature, and Aegina offers this generously throughout the seasons. It’s nice to have a diary of nature in mind. It’s beautiful to know when the cyclamen, hyacinths, or anemones come out. Discovering the nature of Aegina makes me feel that I am deeply connected with the island!


When I arrive to Aegina…

I feel great joy, I relax automatically. When I live in Aegina, I feel like I am in a large playground, I have an appetite for everything, and I find that I do not miss the city at all. If someone told me that I have only one place to choose, I would choose Aegina without a second thought!

Why I love Aegina

Aegina is my place, my roots, my memories… It is everything! I love Aegina because it makes me happy!


A few words about Nektarios Aposporis

Nektarios Aposporis lives and works in Aegina. He presents his work in personal and selected group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, while his works are in many public and private collections around the world.


A few words about We Love Aegina

We Love Aegina is a very beautiful initiative. I really like it as a thought and as an idea. I also love the fact that the island is presented through its people. Great work!

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