The “Beautiful” Church & the Countless Chapels

Picturesque with a view

The “Beautiful” Church & the Countless Chapels


The Greek chapels stand out for their pictorial image, the tranquillity they offer to the visitor and the religious tradition they represent. Even if you are not an ardent supporter of the Church, Aegina will impress with its dozens of chapels “hidden” in some of its most beautiful spots.

Some of them are of special interest, such as the “Omorfi” (beautiful) church which is the best-preserved Byzantine monument on the island and Agios Yannis o Kryfos (St. John the obscure) with the incredible panoramic view!

If, indeed, you are looking for a romantic Greek island in short distance from the capital, in order to organize a significant event in your life (e.g. wedding), then Aegina definitely has what you’re looking for.

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