Tavern Kavouropetra

Authentic fish tavern in Aegina

Tavern Kavouropetra Aegina


Tavern Kavouropetra in Aegina is one of the most famous and traditional fish taverns on the island. Set in a romantic scenery only 5 km away from the port, Kavouropetra serves local fish dishes for 40 years and counting. 

Kavouropetra: Tavern in Aegina since 1980


At the north side of Aegina, almost in the middle of an enjoyable road trip from the port to the village of Souvala, follow the sign that leads you to real, authentic food. Since 1980, Kavouropetra Tavern remains one of the best fish taverns in Aegina, with repeated food lovers and fans that keep returning. 

In 1980, Vassilis Bessis and Eleni Kappou opened Kavouropetra Tavern in the homonymous coastal area, literally in the middle of nowhere. Back then, the landscape was so “virgin” that if you threw a stone into the water, dozens of crabs would gather on the rocks, as the owner explains. This story is the reason why the area was named Kavouropetra, deriving from Kavouri meaning crab, and Petra meaning stone in Greek. Since then, with “Meraki”, great service and respect for the tradition of quality food, the couple has managed to turn a family-owned business into a top gastronomic destination in Aegina.

Nowadays, the son of the family, Chef Panagiotis Bessis, has taken over the reins of Kavouropetra’s cuisine, offering authentic fish dishes with a twist, yet maintaining the traditional character of the tavern.

The epitome of a fish tavern in Aegina


Undoubtedly, the “wild” beauty of the scenery and the name of the famous tavern in Aegina, makes you crave for mouthwatering fish eating. Fish and seafood arrive directly from the nets of the local fishermen and Aegina’s fish market. Then they get perfectly roasted, lightly fried, or turned into the ideal “meze” to accompany a glass of ouzo. We recommend the divine couscous with crayfish, the garlic shrimps with mushrooms, and of course the delicious prawn orzo with cream cheese.

Yet, if you haven’t tasted the local “katsoules”, you know nothing of tasty fish. These delicious sweet little fish that swim in the Argosaronic are the definition of “less is more”.

Of course, nothing accompanies fish better than ouzo or tsipouro, with or without anise, depending on your desire.

If you are a meat lover, taste Kavouropetra’s juicy and perfectly grilled barbeque dishes. Desserts are also home-made and delicious.

Family-friendly tavern with panoramic sea views


Against the backdrop of the beautiful little harbor and with majestic views to the Argosaronic, you should visit Kavoropetra if you happen to be in Aegina. The restaurant offers a spacious courtyard for you to dine and for your children to play around on sunny days and warm nights. If you can’t stand the winter’s cold, choose the nice hall inside. Last but not least, the fish tavern composes the ideal scenery to host your events.

Opening hours of Tavern Kavouropetra


The fish tavern “Kavouropetra” is open daily from mid-May until the end of September. The rest of the year, it remains open on Fridays and Saturdays for lunch and dinner, and on Sundays at noon. Also, it is open during all holidays.

Bonus tip: If you want romance, fish, and wine, book your table in Kavouropetra just before sunset time. You will see the enchanting landscape transform before your eyes, bathed in the sunset colors. This is the definition of idyllic!

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