At the farthest point on the map

Portes beach Aegina


Two of the most hidden and unknown beaches of Aegina, at the farthest point on the map, 12.5 km from the port, on the eastern side of the island, are Portes.

Portes beach Aegina offer the tranquillity you may seek, far away from the crowds and noise, being the perfect place for you, if you want to enjoy a swim with nobody to bother you.

With just a few houses around the beach, vegetation, sand or pebbles, chances are that you will only meet families residing in the village and nobody else. Slip into your flippers and swim off. Then it’s all about book, philosophy and snoozes, and as soon as the stomach starts rumbling, off to a local tavern for a glass of ouzo and fresh octopus. Alternatively, if you have an appetite for a little ride in the hinterland of Aegina, a walk up to Anitseo for food will compensate your effort.

Bonus Tip:

Within walking distance you can find even more secluded bays with crystal-clear waters, such as Vlychada.

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