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For 60 years and counting, the emblematic cafe – patisserie Aiakeion has been writing history in Aegina. Since 1958, Aiakeion on the beach of Aegina is the perfect hangout for everyone, from the locals who love it, the weekend travelers who always stop to buy mouthwatering desserts, to the biggest personalities of the island, such as the famous painter Giannis Moralis who used to sit at the outdoor tables observing the waterfront until his late years.

Aiakeion Aegina Patisserie: Sweets with history

Unforgettable and unchanging through time, the famous sweets of the historic cafe, some of them based on the famous pistachio of Aegina are synonymous with quality, pure ingredients, and unsurpassed look for decades. Who hasn’t tried Aiakeion wrapped sweets? Who hasn’t succumbed to moments of enjoyment over a bowl of Chicago and Armenovil ice cream, flavors that one rarely meets now, but still can find at Aiakeion?

Nowadays that the third generation has taken over, the classic and favorite flavors of Aiakeion remain and evolve themselves paying respect to the family tradition, receive important pan-Hellenic awards, and continue to write the modern history of Aegina, proving that you cannot visit Aegina without tasting the flavors of Aiakeion.

The award-winning modern flavors of Aiakeion Aegina

Do you have a sweet tooth? Apart from the famous traditional sweets of Aiakeion that are made with passion in the confectionery laboratory for more than half a century, it is worth trying and taking home with you the modern flavors created by the new generation. One of these flavors is the acclaimed pistachio cream made from the excellent pistachio of Aegina, which received the bronze award for the best first-time product at the EXPOTROF 2020 exhibition, as well as the sugar-free pistachio cream that won the Gold award for the best first-time product, as well as the 1st award of flavor in the dry food category at the same exhibition. We also tried and recommend the pistachio cream with chocolate and of course the Super Foods cream, made from seven nutritious fruits and honey.

Breakfast, brunch, food, and clean drinks at Aiakeion!

Every hour of the day is ideal for visiting Aiakeion. Enjoy premium varieties of coffee and traditional Greek coffee with “fistikato” dessert, have your brunch with homemade pancakes and waffles and do try ice cream flavors such as salted pistachio, perivola, and mocha.

And if you are feeling hungry, the kitchen of Aiakeion is open all year round and serves wonderful food in large portions. We recommend the ravioli stuffed with spinach and pistachio pesto, the fresh beef fillet, spicy or plain with potatoes, and the delicious vegetable millefeuille. After the meal, a hot profiterole or a kiounefe dessert, if you are a lover of oriental flavors, is all you need to complete your meal the sweetest way!

Sit at the tables of Aiakeion until late at night and enjoy your drink. Aiakeion serves the drink, the ice, and the juice separately so that you know exactly what you are drinking!

Bonus tip: The thematic events of Aiakeion are now a favorite tradition! Attend a live music night with well-known artists, the Mexican, or even the sushi nights at Aiakeion!

Bonus tip 2: All the flavors of Aiakeion are also available in catering for the most successful events in Aegina. Learn more about Aiakeion Catering.

Bonus tip 3: Do you have a birthday or do you want to surprise your loved ones? Order the most delicious birthday cake exactly as you want it from Aiakeion Aegina!

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