Panagakis Crepe Cafe Aegina

Epic crepe since 1989

Panagakis Crepe Cafe Aegina


150 years of history

It sounds incredible, but the success story of the famous Panagakis on the beach of Aegina dates 150 years. At those times, the people of Aegina used to visit the traditional tavern, one of the first businesses on the waterfront, to enjoy the famous fried fresh fish of Panagakis and the great homemade wine. Over the years, the tavern changed generations, yet it remained a classic and favorite meeting place on the famous beach.

Back in 1989, Panagiotis’ son, Nikos, changed the identity of the business, adopting the modern concept of a café-bar. Nowadays, Panagakis is one of the most timeless cafes in Aegina on the beautiful promenade, known for its homemade crepes. After all, generations and generations have enjoyed Panagakis’ handmade crepes and waffles. And the truth is that anyone who has tried these secret recipes and flavors always comes back for more!

Panagakis Crepe Cafe in Aegina is now brand-new and renovated

Since the summer of 2020, Panagakis Crepe Cafe has a new brand identity, reflecting all the old classic values ​with a modern perspective and look.

The brand-new and renovated Panagakis Crepe Cafe has evolved into a creperie-café restaurant, where the handmade unique crepes and waffles are still starring. The Crepe Cafe now offers even more gastronomic options that you will fall in love with without a doubt!

Visit Panagakis Aegina in the morning to enjoy freshly roasted coffee, now also available to take away, and have your breakfast with homemade Greek pies, sitting on the balcony with the breathtaking panoramic views. Order your snack, salad, or light dish, and do try the juicy burgers and club sandwiches. After all, whatever you order, Panagakis Crepe Cafe will satisfy you with its impeccable service and quality. Accompany your breakfast or lunch with a variety of drinks, juices, and soft drinks.

Crepes and waffles on the beach of Aegina

Last but not least, do not miss Panagakis Crepe Cafe epic crepe. Choose one of the 21 suggestions, sweet or savory, or create the crepe you desire by choosing the ingredients you want. Complement your meal with a freshly baked waffle accompanied by the ice cream of your choice.

Panagakis Crepe Cafe is indeed a must-see destination on the beach of Aegina, whether you sit on the 1st floor, at the balcony overlooking the port, or at the tables in front of the waterfront with a view to the beautiful marina, while enjoying the sunset, your drink or cocktail.

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