Horeftra Restaurant

Original beauty and a famous pizza

Horeftra Restaurant


Horefra restaurant in Aegina is one of the island’s top hidden secrets! It’s known to the few, to those who know, to those who love to discover and have spotted it in the area of ​​Agioi, right after Souvala.

What is it that makes Horeftra restaurant stand out? Well, there are more than one answers to this question!

• The pizza with the handmade dough freshly made right at the time you order it, is the reason why most of its customers visit Horeftra restaurant. How about tasting this popular-throughout- Aegina pizza accompanied with a cold beer right after a good swim?
• The seafood – we strongly suggest the crab with melted cheese (saganaki) roasted in a pot in the oven or their tasty squid
• The local fresh fish they serve, selected from Souvala’s and Aegina’s fishermen
• The strong espresso
• And the place’s wild beauty, located on this particular piece of land in the northern part of Aegina, where, especially when it is not too windy, you can first dive into the blue waters and then enjoy Horeftra restaurant’s delicacies…

The hidden secret you were looking for is right there: Horeftra restaurant, in the homonymous small but well-groomed settlement.

Bonus Tip: Horeftra Restaurant is the perfect place and ideal scenery to hold your private events too!



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Agioi, Aegina
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