Historic monuments

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Historic monuments


Turn the clock back a few thousand years and learn about the life and habits of the ancient Greeks through a visit to the three most important archeological monuments of Aegina. The Temple of Aphaia, Kolona and the Temple of Ellanios Zeus will definitely reward you.

These monuments provided the model on which the construction of the famous Parthenon was based, so they are well worth the visit. Many of the findings which were salvaged through excavations are now kept in the Archaeological Museum of Aegina and the smaller museum of Aphaia. Take notes, use your camera and enhance your knowledge…

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Talking about recent history, each Kapodistrian building has its own legacy; the Rodakis residence is a worldwide reference for folk architecture, the Marcellus Tower, and so many other beautiful buildings give Aegina its distinctive color and provide a profound delve in its history.

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