Giovita Restaurant

The Instagramic restaurant in Perdika, Aegina!

Giovita Restaurant


Aroma of Greece, seafood flavors and the picturesque balcony of Perdika… Welcome to Giovita, where, apart from delicious fish and authentic recipes passionately prepared, you will find the ultimate instagramic setting that will make you want to capture the moment with constant clicks!

We are talking about the brightly lit, white and blue tavern – restaurant of Perdika that has stood out since 2016 and has been loved not only for its delicious recipes, but also for its philosophy. Her motto being “Feeding love”, the owner, Giovita, oversees every detail, be it the cooking ingredients, the ambient atmosphere or the decoration resulting in a cozy restaurant where quality and aesthetics stand out. 

The spotless kitchen, the delicious dishes, warmth, hospitality and the passionate atmosphere will make you choose Giovita every single time.

5 reasons to choose the restaurant Giovita in Perdika

  • You will eat “love”! as Giovita tells us with her outspoken manner “We feed our customers the same way as we feed members of our immediate family. We wouldn’t offer anything that we wouldn’t offer to our children.”
  • Giovita’s mom is there cooking and she’s an excellent chef!
  • Everyone is certain to find something to her taste, whether she loves meat, seafood or stew, whether she is vegetarian, or even if she prefers a vegan or gluten-free diet.
  • You will find that Giovita is the absolute instagrammable location! Apart from the view of the sea of Perdika, Giovita benefits from the splendid backdrop of an old house with blue shutters and pots of ever blooming flowers,
  • Be it the menu, the flower decor or the strings of dried garlic awaiting to find their way in the kitchen pots, everything whispers care, love, and passion!

Don’t forget to taste the ceviche mullet, fried feta cheese with molasses and pistachio, and a selection of fresh fishes with fresh tomato and basil. Last but not least, don’t forget to save room for the complimentary dessert or, for the more disciplined, an assortment of fresh fruits!

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Giovita Restaurant

Perdika Beach

+30 22970 61374


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