Akrogialia Restaurant

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Akrogialia Marathonas Restaurant


Akrogialia Restaurant in Marathon, Aegina, cannot be missed because it simply stands out. It stands out because it is the first organized beach that you meet on your way from Aegina’s harbour, so this is where you can have your first swim directly when you arrive on the island. It also stands out because of its blue and white striped wooden construction (changing rooms) that reminds us of the popular Miami beach!

Yet, the beach of Akrogialia in Marathon, also stands out for some other reasons that are not visual but relate to your overall experience. It is a shallow and sandy beach, ideal for families. The sunbeds themselves are of good quality so really comfortable, while there are also large pouf chairs that create a special atmosphere. As we are on the west side of Aegina, the sunset is also majestic, it is really worth it to stay at Akrogialia beach until the sun sets.

Last but not least at all, the food prepared by Mrs Eleni and Mrs Xeni Marmarinou is always freshly cooked with this authentic Greek love for hospitality. You can’t go to Akrogialia Restaurant and miss to try their meatballs with fresh french fries or their salads served in special dinner sets. In their rich menu, you will also find their famous burgers and club sandwiches. As for the service, the people of Akrogialia are the definition of good service always holding a big and nice smile and deep respect for the visitor.

Bonus Tip 1: We strongly suggest that you enjoy your dinner at Akrogialia Restaurant, ideally after sunset, in an idyllic setting under the moon and the lanterns hanging from the mulberries … What more could you ask for? Don’t forget to book a table!

Bonus Tip 2: Akrogialia Restaurant is open daily from very early in the morning serving delicious coffee and breakfast literally on the sea.

Akrogialia Restaurant

Marathonas Beach


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